Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The European Union’s Moral Rot

Those with a working knowledge of European history, especially that of France, will not find this suprising out of Brussels. As The Jawa Report shows, many of the survivors are eating leaves to keep from starving. The EU vampires are trying to make a buck.

Holding an economic gun to the head of Third World Tsunami victims. Charles Dickens would not be shocked.

From the folks that brought back-stabbing to an art in
Thirty Years War and the The Algerian Civil War it isn't surprising to hear a "Buy my planes, or your peasants die."

This has non-salamander amphibian slime smeared all over it.

Hat tip
The Corner.

UPDATE: OK, OK, OK, I know the above is strong.....gee the French are touchy. Just FYI, everytime I go to France, the French people are great to me, and in general. The issue I have is that their government is just beyond the pale. I am a firm believer that you get the government you deserve, but even I will admit that the French government isn't worthy of the French people. Oh, Misha calls them EUnuchs---snicker-snicker.

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