Thursday, January 27, 2005

Quick, show your young children Europe-while you still can

Building on posts here, Pavel Kohout of the Center for Economics and Politics (CEP), Prague, writes at TechCentralStation in his article "Where Have All the Children Gone?" and knocks it out of the ballpark on the historical, political, economic, cultural and security implications of the cultural suicide going on in Europe.

Read it all, but this will give you a taste,

The international demographic context will see huge changes: in 2050, Yemen will have more population than, for example, Germany. These people will quite understandably long for the standard of living that currently prevails in Europe. The immigration pressure on Europe will be immense. Given the European liberal laws on family reunification, the exodus from Middle East and North Africa will have enormous dimensions.

Instead of integration of immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa into a majority European society, the opposite will occur: the immigrants will integrate the existing European culture into their own civilization. After some time, it will be their civilization that will become dominant. One does not have to be a supporter of Jean-Marie Le Pen to feel a little anxious about that. It is not a problem of ethnics and their mingling. It is a matter of society, its values, and democracy as such. European tolerance competes with Islam, which is not always a religion of peace, as many Europeans would like to believe. Radical Islamic preachers openly condemn democracy. They interpret it not as a social system but as a pagan cult, which prefers the voices of people to the voice of God. This and other theories of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and his conservative fellow-believers are proclaimed in many mosques throughout Europe.

If you don't have a firm grasp why Europe is a "dead man walking," this will show you in one of the most brief, direct, and effective ways why.

If you don't think demographics show your destiny, talk to an American Indian.

UPDATE: Everyone should visit Rusty more often, he has a great round-up on World Peace and other items that are a must read. He pointed the way towards another case of the growing Islamofascist elements in Europe. Oh, want to peak a bit at your future if we don't destroy the cancer of retrograde, Medieval, fundamentalist Islamofascism? Check this out. (No, keep the hate mail to yourself. Islamofascist have about as much to do with American Muslims and other mainstream Muslims as the Branch Davidians or the Christian Identity Movement has to do with Christianity). Coming to a neighborhood near you. Then is! You know it is bad when Frontline is on the case. DutchReport has a nice overview of Dhimmitude in the Dutch classroom. Yes, my little wooden shoed brothers, let the mad Morroccan youth attack your teacher and do nothing. Your sister is next. If Anne at PalmTree Pundit was Dutch she would say, "Dit is waarom ik onderricht mijn kinderen thuis."
Deacon at Powerlineblog takes on the issue from a socio-economic perspective here and addresses the pathetic Dhimmitude in the post-Van Gogh slaughter here. Not good news.

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