Monday, January 10, 2005

Colonel Hackworth jumps the shark

Hopefully, all have had the chance to review CBS' released mea culpa on Memogate.

Though I am sure that there are many times in the past where you could argue that Colonel Hackworth jumped the shark (such as his sycophantic 180deg lockoff endorsement of General Clark, and transparent blindness and downright partisanship during the Swift Boat Vets issue), I have always given him the benefit of the doubt.

In the last few years he has often looked the part of the Left's non-housetrained attack dog, but you have to respect the man's record and give him a pass. At least I did. I have a signed copy of The Vietnam Primer for goodness sakes.

With the CBS “Memogate” report though, the Hackworth of the 21st century comes through loud and clear, even to one that respects him.

Colonel, grab your USAF A2 jacket, water ski's, and get behind the boat. You are jumping the shark.

Kind of like putting down a loved, honorable, and well storied horse; it is best just to do it quickly and be done with this.

Page 96 of the report.

Mapes said that she asked Colonel Hackworth to "look at the back and forth" in the Killian documents because he had worked in the Pentagon and knew about Pentagon politics. Even though Colonel Hackworth was never in the TexANG, did not know Lieutenant Colonel Killian or any of the other relevant individuals, had no personal knowledge of President Bush's service in the TexANG and had no personal knowledge regarding the Killian documents, he reached some highly critical conclusions in his interview regarding President Bush's TexANG service based solely on the purported authenticity of the Killian documents and his general knowledge of the military.
Wow. I wonder if CBS was doing a special on heart disease they would use a proctologist's opinions? A Doctor is not a Doctor. Hack should have begged off, unless he had a political agenda to push. QED.
First Colonel Hackworth concluded that the documents were "genuine." ... and proceeded to discuss what the Lieutenant Colonel (Killian) was thinking at the time he wrote the memoranda.
Talking with the dead Hack? Medium is a new show on NBC, not a way to build your resume.
...Colonel Hackworth stated repeatedly throughout his interview the then-Lieutenant Bush was "AWOL" and that a person would have to reach that conclusion when reviewing the documents "unless you're the village idiot." Colonel Hackworth appeared to be referring to the fact that he had seen no evidence that President Bush was "present for duty" once he left for Alabama in 1972, although he did not articulate clearly how he reached his conclusion.
Village idiot, eh? What do you call someone that believes something that nothing supports?

So many Bush haters wanted this story to be true that these otherwise sound people were willing to throw away their training, logic, and good sense signing on to a loosing cause based on fraud. They so wanted to be part of taking down the President, all caution was ignored.

Trying to politically destroy a sitting President a tricky business. Especially with lies and fraud. Everyone involved in this smear campaign deserves to wander in the wilderness for a long time.

I will give CBS' vetting process some credit though, they ultimately did not use Hack's interview because,
Kartiganer also reviewed the Colonel Hackworth transcript, but the portion of the Colonel Hackworth interview that was included in a draft script was ultimately removed by others in the vetting process because it was considered inflammatory and gratuitous.(p.115)
Considered "considered inflammatory and gratuitous" by CBS due to your Bush hate. Yikes, that has to hurt.

CBS' lawyers felt the same way.
.... a CBS lawyer expressed ... his concerns about using Colonel Hackworth in the Segment and suggested that it might not be appropriate to rely on him.(pg.122)
And when you are not even fair enough for CBS,
Due to fairness concerns ... the sound bites from Colonel Hackworth's interview were taken out of the final script...(p.124)
The Panel was concerned that they even interviewed Hackworth because,
The Panel is somewhat troubled by the proposed use of these excerpts since they seemed gratuitous and because Colonel Hackworth lacked any personal knowledge pertaining to the TexANG.(p.213)
There were only two specific changes CBS made prior to the 08 SEP 04 Segment to keep it "fair and balanced" (from CBS' perspective remember), Hack's interview was one.

Normally, such an occasion would be reason for an addition to the Wall of Shame, but Colonel Hackworth does not deserve that. He is truly a hero that served his country well beyond the call of duty. A fallen hero, perhaps, but a hero. I will never shame Hack, pity maybe, but never shame.

I did not enjoy this post. I need to go PT.

UPDATE: Did you know Hack also worked with Mapes on Abu Ghraib? Michell Malkin helps put another nail in Hack's credibility, and it looks like A Geezer's Corner feels the same way.

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