Thursday, December 23, 2004

Secretary Rumsfeld – Leadership

Not much needs to be said here but Bravo Zulu.

Ignore what you read and hear from the MSM. In the Fleet and with the Soldiers, Marines and Airmen who work for the man, Secretary Rumsfeld is a highly respected, honored, and appreciated Secretary of Defense.

summarizes well an angle from the SECDEF’s trip to Mosul for Christmas Eve:
“But Rummy goes one step further. Rather than spew facile bon mots, Rumsfeld leveled with the warriors, allowing them to feel all right about their moments of doubt. He spoke from the heart, it appears, and didn't just come out there to blow smoke. He also apparently refused to cancel the trip even after investigators have determined that the Mosul explosion came from an infiltrator, highlighting the personal risk Rumsfeld took on making this trip.”
He is tough, demanding, direct, but most of all blindingly honest. I know folks who have worked for him. My favorite quote from a guy about to get orders to SECDEF’s office:
“If you are one of those folks that like to be told all the time what a great job you are doing and how much you are appreciated, well, wake your wife up a 0500 before you leave for the Pentagon so she can tell you. When you get home at 2300 she will be asleep and won’t be able to.”
He took the job without looking back.

Hat tip Captain’s Quarters.

UPDATE: The Banty Rooster has a GREAT post from Rummy's hospital visit. A must read.

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