Wednesday, December 01, 2004

European Appeasement: Why do we keep going there?

The “E3” of France, Germany, and Britain are trying to not get slapped around by the Iranians. Geeeezzzzeeee, have any of these people shopped at a Souk?

Lets review the wonderful history of European “Pre-emptive Diplomacy.” Let’s stick to the 25 year high-water mark roughly 80 years ago, I do have a job here.

- Treaty of Versailles: How many more centuries will we be paying for this nightmare?

Sykes-Picot Agreement: The blood. The nightmare. The horror.

- League of Nations: Do we really need to say more?

The Stresa Front: OK, everyone say it for the first time in their life, “Mussolini was right. Britain and France should have followed his lead.” Now go take a shower and pray for forgiveness.

- Munich: Prime Minister Chamberlain. Do we need to say more? The self-delusion of the European diplomat is best summed up by this lovely man, “
‘Oh dear,’ said Mr. Chamberlain, thunderstruck. ‘He has betrayed my trust.’

OK, the US has dorked up a lot of stuff over the last few centuries (See the Korean Nuke Deal in the 1990’s). But, as Europeans like to say,
“The Americans are unsophisticated compared to Europeans.”

UPDATE: Dusty at Argghhh! is on the appeasement watch as well. This time with some good news. A couple wiffs of clue coming out of Germany. Germany. Always watch the Germans. Nuff said

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