Monday, December 06, 2004


Take their beer and aggressive Newfoundland women!!!!!

Jonah’s military guys over at
Castle Argghhh have a great pic and story about our troops heading from New England into Canada to engage Canadian Forces Base Gagetown.

I am sure that invading Canada sounds like lots of fun and all, but I can’t help of thinking of our
first and second time we tried, it didn’t work out too well.

Now that I
read further, I now see that this is just the Canadians letting us come play in their back yard. Cool.

However there Arghhh guys, this is real artillery - and we give guest front row seats.


Unknown said...

I might point out that the 'real artillery' is now rusting tied up to a dock..and that the other stuff is still ready and able to fight....

CDR Salamander said...

Inactive Reserve Dr Funk. Inactive Reserve.

As for way. USS Wisconsin is a 9-holes away in perfect condition