Thursday, December 16, 2004

Canada wakes up?

Like many who dearly love our neighbor Canada, in the Chretien years I felt like an old friend watching someone very close to me drift ever further into self destructive behavior; knowing there was little I could do because my friend did not see his affliction and whenever you tried to point out the problem, he would simply deny the problem and go buy another bottle.

Well, he may be from the same party, but Prime Minister Martin seems to have his act together. I will wait for the proof, but I think we owe him time to bring Canada
back to where it belongs – at the forefront at the fight for Western Civilization.

Lots of points in the 12-step program can be seen in this
Canada's security net is full of holes, with most border crossings guarded by a lone staffer and airport security so lax that missing security badges and uniforms recently turned up for sale on eBay.
A new Senate security report calls for reform, a boost in defense spending and improved cooperation with the United States. Canadians have relied too long on luck to avoid a terrorist attack, it says, scolding: "Unfortunately, luck is notoriously untrustworthy."
Acknowledge the problem. Work towards a solution. Nice.
“The report, which some are calling alarmist and ineffectual as it comes from the politically appointed upper house of parliament, noted Canadian forces have been hit with budget cuts of about 30 percent between 1988 and 2000.”
The past is the past. What is important is where you are going.
“The coast guard, meanwhile, is a "toothless" agency which is unarmed and reports to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the report said. "Despite its name, the coast guard doesn't play a serious role in guarding our coasts," the senators said, recommending the agency answer to the Department of National Defense for security assignments. ”
Well, the US Dept. of Education doesn’t educate anyone either. But, you have acknowledged the problem. Good.

"They need to paint things in slightly alarmist hues in order to grab the Canadian public," Wark said. "With the growing criticism of the Bush White House foreign policy and the increasing sense that the whole policy of the war on terror is misguided and in error, it becomes increasingly difficult for Canadians to understand the need for national security spending."

Yep, the Canadian public has been subject to propaganda from a bunch of self-hating bed wetters for quite awhile. Though a lot of Canadians were killed on 9/11, Canada thinks that if they are nice “Perhaps they will kill me last.” Looks like that mindset may change.

I have worked with the Canadian military throughout the better part of a decade and a half, from shore duty to forward deployed in OEF. They are great professionals, there are just too few with too little equipment.

To the future! (I hope. Deeds not words my friends. Deeds.)

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