Friday, December 03, 2004

The death of Europe as we know it

Everyone loves the Holy Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, and the Iroquois Nation…..except that they no longer exist. Through a combination of a lack of will, a host of enemies, politics, and demographics, these societies now lie in the dustbin of history. Their culture and people have either been scattered, absorbed, diluted, or destroyed.

Europe, from Spain to Russia, you're next.

Not a new subject, but the British political analyst David Pryce-Jones does a great job breaking it down for us in
Commentary Magazine.

What, pray tell, does this have to do with a Navy centered blog? Well, lets review.

NATO, or the concept at least, is about 50 years old now, to use a nice round number. Stop. Ponder. Think. Review.

In 50 years it will be 2054. Think about the demographics of Europe. Review the demographics of Muslims both in Europe and North Africa.

Basically, hundreds of years of fratricide have led the Europeans to the point they hate themselves and their culture so much that they are willing to let both die. In Holland they euthanize less than fully viable people. Why not euthanize an entire culture? The question is moot.

Europe. The walking dead.

Who will be America’s great ally in 2054 that can fight? That will fight? And they wonder why Americans insist that they can do things alone if need be?

If America withdrawals across the Atlantic because it has to put all its energy to the Pacific, who will defend Europe from Islamic oil-blackmail or civil war following overwhelming immigration-invasion of a non-Western foreign culture?

Europe? Defend itself? Where is their will? Where are their forces? How will they fight when Belgian troops will not stay in the field in tents? When they cannot even manage the weak, relatively secular Bosnia or more radical Kosovo?

France et al, be careful what you say about the Bosnian Serbs. Their present is your future.

Unless Europe starts moving its politics towards the Dutch and Danish right, and starts having a non-Muslim population demographic like
Utah, Europe is done. A sad loss.

I have spent way too much of my life living in Islam culture dominated societies. I would not wish this on my worst enemies, which is why Muslims are moving out of
Dar Al-Islam to Dar al-Harb. Though I ping on their lilly-livered politics, I love Europe and Europeans (expecially those few that are in the military), which is why this pisses me off so much.

OK, Europe gave us Fascism, Communism, and Techno-pop; they also gave us The Enlightenment, Christian global evangelism, and soccer. Europe is a keeper. Here is a little tough love.

Europeans, start having more babies or learn how to be a
Dhimmi. Again.

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UPDATE: A trend starting here in the United States may hold the key to Europe's future - Natalism. David Brooks in The New York Times (free subscription required) has a great overview. ABC News is starting to get on the hunt as well.
UPDATE II - Electric Boogaloo: The incredible Victor Davis Hanson builds on this theme in "The Ents of Europe" in a way only he can. A MUST READ (especially of you are a LOTR fan)
UPDATE III: The Jawa Report brings up another angle on this. Add to bed death; the death of freedom of speech.
Another take on the death of free speech in the UK at Samizdata.

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