Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I really didn’t want to spend any time on this bucket of FOD, but it is kind of in my AOR. I will avoid blovating too much on Petty Officer Pablo Paredes, his Chain of Command will handle him just fine.

Citizen Smash has done a great job putting this scupper trout in his place, but the summary is that he decided to miss a ship's movement in order to make a point.

A point about what, I’m not sure. Maybe that no one should live in
California because they have wack-job people with wack-job ideas to convince others to screw up their future?

While his shipmates were saying goodbye to loved ones, Pablo was walking around the pier with a t-shirt that said “Like a cabinet member, I resign” on it, trying to get arrested. No joy. Everyone ignored him. The dumb thing about the t-shirt is that if he was like the children of a cabinet member, he would have just returned from deployment. That bugaboo of the left, outgoing Attorney General Ashcroft, his son just returned to Norfolk from a 6 month deployment. Try again Paredes.

Cowardice in the face of the enemy? What? This guy controls anti-aircraft defense missiles. He will be as close to Iraq as I am on shore duty. Maybe cowardice in the face of the 1MC? Cowardice in the face of “Asparagus Night” every Wednesday in the Galley? Cowardice in the face of liberty in Thailand?

What a looser. He has ruined his life for
nothing. If he is lucky, he will come to his senses and take NJP or find some mental route to an Admin. Board and an OTH (Other than Honorable) discharge. Better yet, let’s get this guy a Big Chicken Dinner (Bad Conduct Discharge – AKA BCD) at Courts Martial.

The sad thing is that someone else is going to have to fill his billet TAD or his shipmates will have to pull extra duty. That is the real crime; he is feeding his own narcissism with the hard work and family life of his shipmates. What a horrid human being.

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