Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Echoes in Egypt

Should our policy makers have been shocked by what has happened in Egypt? Was it really unpredictable?

How smart was it for this Administration to throw in with the Muslim Brotherhood early and often?

Well, when you have Egypt experts who were educated in the politically correct ahistorical Middle East Studies Departments - you get what you get.

Shall we let history get in the way? Of course. Via Arnoud De Borchgrave;
Next day, Cairo erupted in what became known as "Black Saturday" and the "Big Cairo Fire." It was huge. Some 300 buildings were torched, including the old Shepherd's Hotel where we were staying.

Martial law was decreed throughout Egypt. Losses to fire included 30 major companies and banks (including Barclays), 310 stores, 117 residential units, 92 bars, 73 coffee shops, 13 hotels, 40 movie theaters, either automobile showrooms, 10 weapons stores and 16 clubs.

Casualties were comparatively light -- 26 killed and 552 injured.

It was the handiwork of the banned Muslim Brotherhood.
It is a great story. Read it all.

History will not tell you the future, but it will help you make the odds.

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