Thursday, August 15, 2013

SAPR Shark Jumping for Fun and Profit

Troupe, eh?

So, have we really spent enough man-hours on training for SAPR yet?

It seems like the answer is, "Of course not."

Even though we have layers upon layers of training already on the topic, we act like wWe've got plenty of post-sequestration money to throw around, and who could ever say that we have conducted enough training?

Actually, that is a very good question; who is willing to say, "Enough. Our culture is in line with the rest of the nation, even better. If we have bad actors, we will take care of them. We have done enough training and will continue to train, but we have to prepare for war."

No one is the answer.
-----Original Message-----
From: [redacted], Mike T CIV NAS Whidbey Is, N01P
Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 13:15
To: NAS Whidbey Is All Hands
Subject: SAPR No Zebra's Performance

*** ALL HANDS ***

Special SAPR event

An acting troupe called No Zebra will conduct Sexual Assault Prevention & Response performances at Sky Warrior Theater on August 19 at 1300 and 1500. These performances are for active duty servicemen and women, particularly members, particularly junior Sailors. The show lasts between 1-1.5 hours. For more information, please contact NASWI's Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC), Kathleen Schofield, at 360.257.[redacted].

Mike [redacted] Public Affairs Officer NAS Whidbey Island 3730 N. Charles Porter Ave Oak Harbor, WA 98278 360-257-[redacted] DSN: 820-[redacted] michael.[redacted]

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