Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Few Days of Funk

So, I'm sitting here late on a Tuesday night trying to figure out what I wanted to pontificate about for Wednesday, but I'm in a funk. I've been that was since Sunday afternoon. I don't have writers block, there is plenty I want to type out, but frankly I just don't have the desire to let it come out of the nogg'n and on to the keyboard.

I really have no reason for being in a funk, I'm so blessed it's stupid. But funk-wise, I seem to be in fairly good company. It didn't help my funk any, but Monday AM I found Karim Delgado's work.

Spend some time bouncing around his site a bit. I especially recommend his short b-roll film, "Humans of Afghanistan."
... I think I’ve come to realize that here in the West, people’s opinions about the region, its people and the war have really congealed into this sickening sort of knee-jerk bring-the-troops-home or these-colors-don’t-run blather that ignores the humanity of everyone involved. I think it’s very easy to ignore people when we don’t want to genuinely confront the difficult questions that come with acknowledging their existence. It’s easy, but it’s wrong.

I don’t want to tell people what to think about this war, whether it’s good or evil — that would be an arrogant presumption on my part and I’ve learned from Afghanistan that nothing is so unambiguous — but I want them to think of the broader implications for humanity in their considerations of where we should go from here. We can’t always avoid making mistakes but we can at least avoid being uninformed. And that means more than reading the news. It means understanding the people.
What he said. Here it is.

This Wednesday my goal is to go to bed early and wake up unfunkified.
If not, I'll try cat-blogging or rainbow riding unicorns shi'it'n skiddles picture posting. 

Hat tip bbc.

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