Monday, August 05, 2013

How Important is Security?

OK folks, I want to to wind your mind back six months. Think of the money your UIC did spend money on.

Remember the unnecessary politicization of the sequestration and furlough.

Think about Wikileaks. Think about Snowden. Now bask in this;

The Department of the Navy (DON) has restored FY13 funding for Personnel Security Investigations (PSIs). Our enterprise Command Security Managers have been directed to begin submitting those security investigations which were previously deferred due to the limitations and restrictions imposed by the 27 Feb 13 UNSECNAV Memo and the 052044Z MAR 13 ALNAV. Please be patient as your Security Teams begin ramping up their efforts to work through the five-month backlog along with processing the additional investigations which come due each month. Even though our workload has just gone up – our teams’ resources continue to be reduced by the ongoing furloughs. Please remember a security clearance (eligibility) does not expire and is not invalidated simply due to exceeding a reinvestigation timeline.
Two months left in FY13; giddy-up there Shipmate!

I guess it was more important to gnash teeth and render clothes over the bogus sexual assault numbers than properly check security clearances.

Oh, and as a Mark Twain/Samuel Clemmons type - I found this interesting in the same email;

Secondly, protecting our individual, on-line, personas will also aid in countering adversary intelligence collection efforts aimed at the programs we work on, people we work with and facilities we work in (and their capabilities). Scrubbing or protecting our on-line resumes (LinkedIn for example) and our social media footprint are good first steps.

The bottom line is simply that the evidence could not be clearer (I’d say overwhelming) that our adversaries are taking significant advantage of our willingness to share information that should be protected and using it to further their political, military and economic goals, at the extreme detriment to the United States. We can make a difference, individually and collectively by ensuring information going into the public domain really needs to be there to meet a valid mission need.

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