Monday, September 29, 2008

What about the debate?

Nope, you didn't see much about it here; and you won't.
  1. More important things have sprung up, like they do on Fridays, that kept me a bit distracted and busy.
  2. Sen. Obama (D-IL) is what he is; I know, I grew up with the type. He is an exceptionally gifted man, provided with the best schooling this nation can provide. Unlike the folks I grew up with, he hasn't had a real job. He hasn't been an executive. He hasn't sacrificed or served anyone but his ambition. Ambition is fine - he is what he is. He is also, as well documented, one of the - if not the - most left-wing Senators and candidate for President we have seen in over 30 years. Nice guy, just wrong. There is no reason I would vote for the guy. None. The fact taht ~46% are willing to vote for the guy just tells me that the nation has forgotten what it is like to give Democrats the ability to have full power not seen since 1994. I do.
  3. I have about reached my limit this season anyway. I also have an absentee ballot in front of me that will go in the mail this week after I ping some of my betters on their opinion WRT some local issues, candidates, and Constitutional Amendments.
  4. You would rather learn how ghey Skippy is anyway, so go down a few posts to read the details.
I am going to vote for McPalin, and I hope you do as well. All the phony, poseur bracelet posturing by Obama won't make my vote against him any more powerful.

McPalin has some of my money, and my best wishes - barring McCain being found in bed with a dead girl or live boy; he is getting my vote.

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