Thursday, September 04, 2008

JPD's dinner party

I think it is something like the below. Skippy may show up for the free food at JPD's (vegan I am sure), but the chicks won't meet his standards, the wine snob talk will get old, and in the end he will eventually meet Byron, myself, and the rest of the Salamander shore det over at Singleton's for cold beer, fried shrimp, Sheephead sandwiches, collards, and banana cream pie.

Sure, he may not like our politics, but he knows the worst he would get from Maggie, FbL, and Kristin is a peck on the fo'head, a flick on the ear, as a request that he buy the next round (thought I think DB might give him a weggie - but in a fun way). And no one wears patchouli oil.

From the 00:45 to 05:00 is the best part.

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