Saturday, September 13, 2008

Things I love about Mrs. Salamander

Another Saturday Music Stop; this time brought to you by Mrs. Salamander.

We have known each other so long, that like I said the day I asked her to marry me - I feel like I am marrying my sister she knows me so well and has known me for so long.

She knew me when I was lost, when I was clueless, when I was rudderless -- yet she brought me to such great heights and through her support made me a much better man than I otherwise would have been.

Enough of the sappy stuff though; the two of us have this hidden language of phrases we have picked up through the years. Last week, she brought up one that yanked my entire mind back to the mid-80s - back to something esoteric but I think even Chap (and folks like us) would remember.

In the bowels of the '80s punk scene there was a pull quote from a set of lyrics that the two of us have, but some fall out of use and we have not used in a long time. This specific one is best used when you find yourself in a place that you came to willingly, but after awhile realize that you don't have to stay any longer -- and state dismissively over its apparent lameness (with slight disappointment that you went there anyway) -- one phrase that is all that is needed to get the two of us moving,
Let's blow this taco stand.
Yes, from the great album It's a Bogus Life by Stevie Stiletto & the Switchblades., (and he's still around, mostly.)
Standard Kristin Warning (SKW). The below has potty-mouth all in it. And don't tut-tut me either - I was a very different person in the mid-80s and the world I ran in was very different as well. I used to sneer at Church, not go to it -- it is still part of me though.
You can hear a bit of it here. I also recommend a listen to of "A.O.T.", there are a few people I work with that still bring to mind the lyrics,
Where were you in 1982
With your Oingo Boingo, Missing Persons, and U2
1985 you're a never was has been
1986 I'm sure you're going to find that
You're shooting your mouth off
But nobody listening
You're a f^(&ing legend
In your own f^(&ing mind
...but you would have to buy the album (though it was a tape when I had it in the 80s, I don't think it went to vinyl). We all, well some of us at least, knew someone like Party Girl too.

Speaking of time travel; Chap, check this out.

Back to Stevie though, here he was in the '80s.

Here he was in the '90s.
Stevie Stiletto:Live at the MIlkbar:I'm a Pig

Here he is in the '00s.

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