Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Orwell would be so proud ...

Ever wonder why such soulless, mindless bureaucratic dribble keeps finding its way into the "auto-delete" rule in your Outlook email - with otherwise brave, sane people's signature under the "Vr," line?
Attached is the September Blueprint. Communications themes for this month are Diversity. This aligns to the Strategic Business Plan goal of Enable Our People.

Talking points are as follows:

* NAVSEA's diversity vision seeks a workplace where individual differences are acknowledged, valued and used to sustain the organization's critical national defense efforts.
* Management Directive 715 (MD 715) is a tool to help ensure progress toward a fully diversified work environment that integrates EEO into NAVSEA's strategic mission.
* NAVSEA must begin now to realize a future workforce with diversity at all levels of the organization where the workforce understands and embraces diversity programs and values.
* A workplace environment free from harassment and prejudice has a direct and immediate impact on the NAVSEA mission.
* NAVSEA continues to emphasize the diversity of thought gained from different life experiences, and is expanding recruiting and outreach programs to diverse schools and organizations in order to expand our potential applicant pool. We are committed to being the nation's employer of choice by hiring the best and brightest workers available and keeping these talented individuals engaged in some of the nation's most interesting scientific and engineering work.
Simple. Few but the most racist and lost true believers actually believe this junk. Just go to the ref'd "MD 715." Read it all, if you can, but if not go just to the opening of Section II "Essential Elements of Model Agency Title VII and Rehabilitation Act Programs."

They don't believe it - it is required to be stated. That is why it reads so soulless and Commissariatish.

I would prefer that NAVSEA's theme for this month was "How and the heck do we fix this mess of Shipbuilding plan .... " but alas, I am a dreamer.

Hat tip NAVSEA Spy.

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