Sunday, September 28, 2008

NFCU Phishing

Shipmates. I interrupt the Blog Sabbath for a warning. In the cdrsalamander email box the following email came in.
Dear Member,

The primary email address you have registered for your Navy Federal Credit Union was changed on Sep/28/2008.

This e-mail has been send to you based on the Member Notification preferences you previously established.If you would like to change you Member Notification preferences, please sign on to Navy Federal Online Account Access and click on the Other Services link, go to the Member Notifications by E-Mail option, and then click on the Manage My Notification tab.

If you did not change you email address, please sign on and review your email addresses.

Please Note: This Member Notification e-mail address is only used to generate Member Notifications.We will not read or respond to e-mail send to this e-mail address.If you would like to contact Navy Federal Online Account Access and click the Check Messages link send us and e-message.
If you get this email - delete it right away. Any thief who targets Servicemembers and their families ....

Because I am a big fan of VADM Cutler Dawson (USN Ret.) and don't want the company he is CEO of to have any of its customers get in trouble - I thought I would let you know.

Hey, I may be a tad clever, but even I can't get a bank account at NFCU under the name "Phibian Salamander" - so they are sweeping up any Navy related emails.

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