Tuesday, September 16, 2008

EU: shut up or get out and push

He throws stones at everyone from the middle of his EuroTaxpayer glass house. One of the most worthless members of the International Community overcompensates:
The West has no coherent strategy for victory in Afghanistan, according to the former EU envoy Francesc Vendrell.
"Because for as long as the Bush administration is in office it is impossible to change the Bush administration's approach to Afghanistan.

"They don't want to see any changes because they still hope to present Afghanistan as a success story," Mr Vendrell said.
A couple of points:
1. He obviously knows nothing about military planning for Afghanistan.
2. What has teh EU have the point for WRT Afghanistan? EUPOL.

Heal thyself - and go to a few more briefs. It would be fun to watch him discuss the EU's failure on his watch to contribute more than a farthing to the Security Line of Operation - which as we all know has to lead Governance, Reconstruction, and Development.

Watch the video at the BBC link to see why I hug my USA passport every night.

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