Monday, April 07, 2008

A Navy at war? Part V

For reasons best known to my YNC and the Navy supply system, my Navy Leader for 2008 showed up at the end of 2QFY08.

Nice cover and all; for 1998 perhaps.

We are a nation at war, isn't the Navy? Isn't the most critical thing we are doing is contributing to the Global War Against Islamic Extremism (or whatever we call it)?
I love pushing boots and those who push them - but isn't there a better Seabee action shot we can get than something a snow-drift away from the Great Lakes?

At first glance it looks like the Sailors at the left are tapping a keg. May just be the Frat-boy in me - and the fact that tapping a keg is an important part of being a Sailor and team-building - but is that one of our best pictures? Something a little more clear and direct, perhaps?
Under that we have a little, "Man I wish we had a real good BM1 right now." shot of some 1120 "intrusive leadership" during line handling. Not bad shot exactly, but if I was a sub bubba, I might pick something different.

Under that we have something Skippy should comment on. A "yea, I know IAs suck, but you are going to do this anyway - so suck it up Squids."

You have the A-team on the bridge going old-school so they don't run aground off Thimble Shoals Craney Island - but look at the original or zoom in on this photo. No one wearing the Yellow Cover should have a manicure that nice - I don't care who you are ... and I love and respect all my officers and enlisted personnel on the bridge regardless of how many X chromosomes they have, but seriously - doesn't such a hairless arm just seem so, well, Air Farce?

Then we have a nice shot of some mentoring by the ABHC - but it really looks like he is taking about some "unusual" show he went to in Tijuana.

I hope we can do better in '09. You know, we actually have some Medal of Honor recipients in the last few years. I'm just saying....

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