Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Talking China With the Brits and Aussies

In case you missed it, I had an opportunity to visit on someone else's podcast recently. Dr. Alex Clarke, Drachinifel, and Jamie Seidel so kindly invited me in for a chat. I had a great time. What did we talk about?

Today we are joined by the highly esteemed CDR Salamander for a two-part show that can best be described as what would happen if you sat four naval history geeks down in a room and gave them endless drinks, snacks, and told them to fix what was wrong with navies today. Although, we're not in the same room, not even the same time zone, and definitely not the same continent. Alongside our love of naval history, one of us boxes with springy creatures and fights daily battles with ravenous wildlife, another builds model railways, the third's Australian, and the special guest hobby farms something the size of most UK dairy farms. 
So after all that what is Episode 14 about? Well the #Bilgepumps team is being topical, so the Chinese fleet is massive, ever growing – more as an employment mechanism than a sensible strategy, but how does the west counter that? CDR Salamander joins us to help divine the answer.
You can listen below, or at this link.

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