Sunday, September 27, 2020

Pre-Fall Free For All - on Midrats


Some may call it the silly season, some may call it a quickening, some may just get eye cramps from rolling them all the time ... but here we are under 6-weeks from a national election and from swarms of unmanned ideas seeping out of the easy-button to solve all our worries, to doom and gloom from Taiwan to the arctic - all getting in the way of solid navalist conversation. 

EagleOne and I offer you a tonic for all this gibberish this Sunday from 5-6pm Eastern as we cover the major issues from Dhahran to Washington, DC ... or at least try to boil them down to basics. 

It will be an open topic, open phones free for all ... so if you think our topics are bogus, bring your own!

If you use iTunes, you can add Midrats to your podcast list simply by clicking the iTunes button at the main showpage - or you can just click here.

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