Monday, January 05, 2015

Standard issue leftist cognitive dissonance

OK, this is getting to be fun.

The left is now officially beclowning itself.

The Salamander nominee in the category for weak cheese useful idiocy goes to ...
This seems to have been interpreted by the BBC’s producers as a signal that North Korea’s Juche scholars had abandoned Marxism in favor of something else entirely. Some might even call this critical analysis a form of “Kremlinology,” but that term is loaded with socialist implications.

“North Korea has a higher share of the population in uniform than Nazi Germany and fascist Italy had until the Second World War,” said Brian Myers, an American professor of international studies at South Korea’s Dongseo University. “So, I think it’s much more accurate to look at North Korea as a far-right state. An ultra-nationalist state.”
Here, watch it yourself. Go to the 4:50 point.

Ummmm, no. Communism in full flower is in North Korea. Own it left - it represents your purest workers' paradise.

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