Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Want national doctrine? Well, Russia seems to have one ...

I'm going to assume this is ligit, but it seems some nice person we can presume to be "Thomas Moore" has translated the 2014 Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation.

Not a long or excessively detailed document - and so general to be at best almost cliche, there is here and there a few items of interest. It is helpful to remind you of the Russian mindset.

For instance:
(1) How do you feel about NATO?
2. The main external military dangers: a) capacity power potential Organizations North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and giving it global functions carried out in violation of international law, the approach of military infrastructure countries - members of NATO to the borders of the Russian Federation, including through further expansion of the block;
(2) In times of conflict, these priorities are of note.
33. The main tasks of the Armed Forces, other troops and authorities during the immediate threat of aggression: a) implementation of a set of additional measures, aimed at reducing the threat of aggression and increasing level of combat and mobilization readiness of the Armed Forces purpose of strategic deployment; b) maintaining a nuclear deterrent established degree of readiness; c) the strategic deployment of the Armed Forces; d) participation in ensuring the martial law regime; e) implementation of measures for territorial defence, and the performance of the established order of measures to civil defence; f) the fulfilment of international obligations of the Russian Federation for collective defence, reflection or prevention in accordance with international law an armed attack on another state, refer to The Russian Federation requested.
Basically; "Love your nukes, control your own people; keep the near abroad under your umbrella."

Here is the whole thing; enjoy!

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