Friday, January 16, 2015

Fullbore Friday

I'm going to build off a theme from last week's FbF with el-Sisi - moral courage and forthright defense of natural law's first freedom from those who actually are putting their lives in danger by doing so.

The last week has seen a sickening parade of morale and physical cowardice in the defense of essential liberty. Afraid of what may happen if they stood with the French, politicians and much of the press instead hid behind "responsible speech" - which is their way of cowering in the face of threats against the very freedom they need to exist. That is the true Islamophobia - a twisted partonizing attitude that you cannot risk offending even in the slightest the tender feelings of a Muslim because, well, they just can't take it like everyone else and might become dangerous. A phobia of the followers of Islam: Islamophobia.

Heck, even last night I was reminded why I used think I was of the left. It used to be that there was a very libertarian streak on the left, but in the last 30 years they have been swamped by the Stalinists. One of the last of the traditional libertarian leftists I have found myself in rough alignment with is Bill Maher of all people.

Well, this week I am bringing in another man of the left who has it right. He gets extra points because he is Dutch. He speaks with the directness of a Dutchman, gets the enlightenment, and - more than most - he has stepped in to the field of fire to defend the flag.

The Salamander freedom fighter of the week is Ahmed Aboutaleb, member of the Labour Party, de Partij van de Arbeid (PvdA), and mayor of Rotterdam.

This is how you defend freedom as a political leader.

On a minor side-bar: I also had and continue to have a lot of "fun" with those of the left (or clueless) who have some kind of verbal tic that makes them want to want to call opposition to a radical religious sect a kind of "racism" and/or look at Arabs, Berbers, Turks, etc., as a "race" different than other whites/caucasians. As a result, if you have issues with them, it must be somehow based on "race."

More hogwash. Unless you want to take a pre-mid 20th century view of race more in line with the KKK and the Nazi party, no - they are not a race or races. I'll stick with the US govt directive if I must, they are white. Look at Mayor Aboutaleb again. Dude is as "white" as I am.

Of course, I know why they are throwing around race. Simply, that is the cultural bully's tool to shut people up. Well, to those people I say, "rot op."

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