Sunday, April 14, 2013

Well Worth the $.99

My my my ... this guy needs a chair on the front porch!
A narcotic infused, darkly comedic, often profane, politically incorrect collection of 1970s post-Vietnam sea stories written by a boozed up, drug addicted, and self-destructive sailor (Smokey DaFino - a former sailor and Merchant Marine with questionable morals, character, and background) while on the last cruise of his life. 100% OF THE PROFITS FROM THIS BOOK WILL BE DONATED TO THE PENSACOLA HUMANE SOCIETY PET ADOPTION CENTER!
The cover is a hoot ...If you are interested ... you can get the Kindle edition at Amazon - and you can read some of it for free. Just follow the link.
It was a fantastic job. I didn't own a house, a car, and everything I did own fit in a small locker in my cabin. I visited exotic ports, drank high dollar booze, banged beautiful exotic hookers, indulged in unbelievable amounts of quality dope, and collected a big paycheck to boot. I would have kept that job until they had to wheel me into the morgue. But in 2000 everything went to shit.
Yea ... you need to read the rest.

My problem ... I don't have a Kindle.

Hat tip Sid.

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