Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blogpause for Boston

I'm shifting my blogging plans to the right at least 24-hrs due to what happened in Boston; the post I was going to put up will just have to wait.

Most everyone will be focused on Boston anyway -  rightfully.

In case you're wondering, here are a few things that are marinating in my nogg'n.
  1. Don't let others get away with, "Can you believe .... " type comments. We are at war, there will be more bombings, and not just by Islamic terrorists. Since I walked out of diapers we have had bombings from everyone from Communists to Eco-terrorists, to neo-naziesque wackjobs (CEN). The CEN attacks will be the exception, as we are in for at least a century of Islamic bombings regardless of who is in office and what their policies are. The weaker we are, the more bombings we will receive - but we can't stop them all. Accept it - and remind your neighbors.
  2. Anyone from any part of the political system who tries to use such events for tactical gain should be shamed and shunned. I don't care who they are.  Ditto journalists.
  3. Any politician that once again uses terrorists attacks as an excuse to take away individual liberty should be shamed and shunned. I don't care who they are. This nation does not exist to be a police state. 
  4. Think about where you live and where you go. If the event is something that even remotely from an international POV breaks above the news ambient noise - have a plan. If wearing your red hat you would make a strike where you are - have a plan. Brief your friends and family that if anything should happen, no reason to be dramatic you can simply say "if we get lost or thing get weird", have a plan on how to communicate and where to meet. Primary, backup and ready spare. Have a plan.
  5. Don't stress. Odds are, we will all go to our grave having a very ordinary uneventful life. You only get one run around the track, enjoy it.
One final note - Maggie; hugs and kisses to you and yours.


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CDR Sal,

Well said!

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