Thursday, April 25, 2013

Diversity Thursday

It's been awhile since we've had fun with Potemkin photography - as someone who is getting tons of stuff in the mail from colleges for the Wee Salamander, I have been having a hoot over schools that are over 85% Caucasian and 50% male, but you have to get to page 6 of the catalog until you see one. The whole thing is almost as funny as it is patronizing.

The Navy is especially clunky on how it stage manages its pictures, up to and including the Faux SWO from last year.

DivThu can be such a drag most weeks as we catalog the official racialists and good people being ordered to sell their soul ... well ... we have that today too, but let's have fun and laugh while we do it.

First of all; let's look at the demographics of the US Naval Academy:
Naval Academy population breakdown by race:
- 85.86%
African American
- 5.35%
- 3.56%
American Indian
- 0.40%
Native Hawaiian
- 0.23%
Mixed race
- 2.35%
Other race
- 2.25%

6.9% of people are of Hispanic or Latino origin.
... or you can use the appropriately photo-covered "Class of 2016" snapshot from USNA:
- 777 (64.2%)
- 142 (11.7%)
Multiple Races
- 96 (7.9%)
African American (in combination w/ other races)
- 87 (120) (7.2%)
Asian American (in combination w/ other races)
- 78 (127) (6.4%)
American Indian
- 8 (0.7%)
Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander
- 6 (0.5%)
- 17
It is all kind of silly, isn't it? Any why are only African-American and Asian-American allowed to be combined with other races? Really people ... you are becoming a self-parody.

Well, it is also 76% male.

So, now that we have the demographics from two different sources - average the two and keep moving to contact.

We are going to have a table to share chow with an important guest. Of course, we cannot have random seating; no. We will make sure we have just the right people at the table so the camera can get things just right.

Hmmmm .... will the (D)iversity Bullies constrain themselves?

Hey, look! It is the First Lady of the United States! Let's make sure she has a representative sample of the student body.

No cheating! ... don't count the Commissioned white guys and the SECNAV nee former Governor of Mississippi ... and feel free to laugh at the dislocated jaw eating style if you wish. Classic.

So, there you go.  Feel free to do the percentages yourself, but here is what I see.

There are 12 MIDN at the table. One of the 12, the one on the far side of the Loop, cannot be identified if by the (D)iversity Bullies' Gesellschaft für Rassenhygiene, so we'll count it as 11.

What is Annapolis?  Well, it is:
- 45.5% male.
- no more than 45.5% white.
- 27.3 to 36.4% African American.
- 9-18% Asian American.
- More importantly, it is only 9-18% white male.
- Hispanic? Who knows as it is an artificial construct anyway ... could be all or none.

As a final note; Midshipman Chock - in case you haven't been told 1,000,000 time already - if you do not go aviation, your classmates will beat you.

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Anonymous said...

CDR Sal - thank you, I think, for exposing the silliness that pervades the diversity culture.

Daniel Greenfield has a brilliant piece on this very topic: