Tuesday, April 09, 2013

NAPS - as it is

It is a good thing when someone outside the circle of confidence gets a peek behind what is well painted over.

Joe Nocera at NYT has see what has happened to the Naval Academy Preparatory School, and he is not impressed. 

Think of all those hard charging 3rd and 2nd Class Petty Officers who you wish could get just a little boost to help them get over their mal-education in guv'munt schools to make it at Annapolis ... then in the zero-sum game that is admissions to NAPS and ... behold.
Nearly 80 percent of the 52-member Navy lacrosse team came through the Naval Academy Prep School; for returning football lettermen, the percentage is around two-thirds.
The second scam involves the nonprofit foundations that exist to give financial support to the service academies. Among other things, the foundations offer scholarships to athletes to go to certain prep schools that stress certain sports — with the proviso, of course, that they then attend whichever service academy the boosters are supporting. (In 2010, when a Naval Academy athlete who had gotten in via the foundation route tried to withdraw, saying “this isn’t the place for me,” the foundation demanded the return of his prep school “scholarship” money.)

Although Ed Wallace, a retired Navy captain who runs the Naval Academy foundation’s “athletic and scholarship programs,” denied that it directed athletes to certain schools — or that it singled out recruited athletes for financial support — a document outlining this contractual obligation is on the Naval Academy Foundation’s Web site. Or rather, it was. It was removed in 2012, when the N.C.A.A. began an investigation into the practices of the prep schools and the foundations. (Despite some pretty obvious violations of its rules, the N.C.A.A. dropped the investigation last year.)
He's just scratching the surface of what remains a great stain on a great institution - and a disservice to the 312 million Americans who pay for it.


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