Sunday, March 11, 2012

This Will Get Very Ugly

This is one of those things that are very hard to plan for. There is no "good" response, and you can have very little impact on the direction it can take until you see the first move on the other side.

In other words, we really don't know what to do until we see what happens outside the HESCO.
A US soldier in Afghanistan has killed at least 16 civilians and wounded five after entering their homes in Kandahar province, senior local officials say.

He left his military base in the early hours of the morning and opened fire in at least two homes; women and children were among the dead.

Nato said it was investigating the "deeply regrettable incident".

Anti-US sentiment is already high in Afghanistan after US soldiers burnt copies of the Koran last month.

US officials have apologised repeatedly for the incident at a Nato base in Kabul, but they failed to quell a series of protests and attacks that killed at least 30 people and six US troops.

Local people have reportedly gathered near the base in Panjwai district to protest about Sunday's killings, and the US embassy is advising against travel to the area.

Lt Gen Adrian Bradshaw, deputy commander of Nato-led forces, said he was unable to "explain the motivation behind such callous acts", adding that "our thoughts and prayers are with those caught in this tragedy".
The soldier has not been named, but is thought to be a staff sergeant.
He is reported to have walked off his base at around 03:00 local time (22:30 GMT Saturday) and headed to nearby villages, moving methodically from house to house.
It could not come at a worse time - as "the other side" is starting to look like "everyone."

Watch and pray - and give a nod to our leaders on the ground that they have the tools, ROE, and support they need to do what is their ultimate charge; protect themselves as things most likely escalate.

Watch your back.

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