Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Press and President Romney Preview

I remember the change in style, angle, emphasis in the press' visual and written work on the President between Reagan/Bush 41 and Clinton. The shift from Clinton to Bush 43 was almost as shocking as the change from Bush 43 to Obama.

I am fully ready for the change when the next Republican comes in, as I have never had an illusion about the political bias of most of the media since I shifted from left to right - mostly as a result of the disgust in the Left's willful ignorance of the Soviet slaughter of the Ukrainian people in the 1930s.

Some of the libertarian parts of my lefty days remain from weed (no, I'm not a user, but I don't think people should go to jail for having a dime bag in their backpack) to women to homosexual rights ... but I know I am a man of the right more than anything else.

In that light - I know the use and misuse of iconography. Especially today - pictures are rarely chosen at random.

When we think of President Obama ... you know the most used and abused photo of him.

I won't insult your intelligence by explaining that iconography.

So, before reading one of the many of my "actual" email addresses - this time via yahoo - behold the pic of Romney with an article.

Ahhh, yes. Here we go again. Who does that picture remind you of?

Of course .......

Actually - I think that might actually gain Mitt a few votes ...

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