Thursday, March 22, 2012

Best Rumor of the Day

S-3B coming back as ... a KS-3B? (not a new idea at all, heck we've had 'em, see page 16).

Dedicated tanker squadrons running Dets like the C-2 bubbas.

Zero info in open-source though ... and this rumor has been around before as the S-3 sundown took place. I've seen study from a few years ago about how affordable and smart this is - and what a money maker it would be too.

Without Flag Support, sponsorship, and in the face of funding challenges - do I think it will happen? No, very small to zero odds.

Nice to think about though if you are a believer in the requirement for deep strike along with a respect for the vastness of the Pacific and the threat of SLMB & ASCM the closer you get to shore.

Then again, in Sal's world - the CSA would already be at IOC.

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