Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Funnies

I drove seven hours to be at your wedding. You are so cheap, and your actual friends are such poor planners - that they run out of beer the night prior to your wedding - pretty much mid-evening when I show up. I just start introducing myself around to people I really don't like (why did I agree to come to your wedding again?)

You turn to me ... me the guy who isn't even in the wedding party but came anyway out of some kind of ..... who knows why - throw me a wad of 20's and say, "You're sober - make a beer run, will 'ya?"

Me, "OK."

I'm mad at myself already for driving to a wedding I don't care about. Suddenly - I remember what the 25 yr old Sal would do.

Beer? No further requests? Ok. I'll get you beer.

People who I don't either know are don't like think I am a tool. Me? All I know is that 25-yr old Sal is laughing his a55 off.

Choke on it Yuppie Scum. I'll drink it.


1 comment:

WCOG said...

Egads, a malt beverage sir? Have you no decency? That's almost as bad as showing up with a bottle of Night Train...