Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Women Beat Their Women

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA) just went on my watch list as a CCOI.

She is so good, I'll sit through Mathews show just to listen to her.


K.J. Hinton said...

Unfortunately, Cathy McMorris Rogers is a meddling politician with delusions of grandeur.

She built a staffer up out of whole cloth and had her installed as out congresscritter, one Jaime Herrera, even though CMR is on the other side of the state and Herrera hadn't even lived here for 11 years before she scammed a deal to make her into first, an appointed state representative and next, a congresswoman.

CMR is a snake. And while she can handle an interview (I worked with her in the Washington State House, so I've known her for years) she is a plain old, run of the mill, hooray for me politician... one I strongly wish would stop meddling in this corner of the state, 150 miles away from HER district, where we've been scammed into having her cowardly staffer, Jaime Herrera, as our congresswoman... a congresswoman who is such a coward she REFUSES to hold public town hall meetings... unless you bring a checkbook.

Look it up.

A Nonny Mouse said...

Help us out.