Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stephanopoulos Outs Himself ...

This light bulb went off for me at the end of last week, but things were busy and there were more important things to blog about Navy wise, so it went to the back burner.

Then yesterday, LegalInsurrection broke the seal and I knew it was time.

Really this is not shock as people have been complaining about him for quite awhile, but I'm getting ahead of myself - let's set the stage.

Everyone wipe your brain for a bit, and let's go back to last month. At the time, everyone, including me, could not believe that someone would waste time on the topic of contraception in a Presidential debate. That issue wasn't on anyone's Top-10 ... heck ... Top-100 list of issues, but still - former Clinton operative embedded in ABC, George Stephanopoulos, asked this.

Well, the news of the last week has become clear why he brought the question out of left field - he jumped the gun.

It is no secret that Stephanopoulos has not left his Democrat connections behind, just as it is not secret that the latest attack on the Catholic Church has been planned for awhile. Back at the debate - George just jumped the gun some. That is clear now, he was part of the planning conversation.

For full disclosure, I am not now, nor have I ever been Catholic (though I came close once). Also for the record ... and I still can't believe that this has become an issue ... my thoughts on contraception somewhat parallel this:

So, here we are - absorbing O2 on an issue such as this. The way the Obama Administration has done this though - it is serious. It has nothing to do with contraception at all - no one is stopping anyone from strolling down to Walgreen's and buying what they need for a few bucks - no, this has become an issue of the government forcing a religious institution to financially support (nothing is 'free' when you pay for insurance) something that is against its teachings. That my friends goes to the heart of the Constitution.

That is your big issue. The small issue is, again - no one take Stephanopoulos seriously as a press person. He never was and never will be - his jumping the gun question last month should convince any last holdouts.

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