Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Running Out of Other People's Money

Talk to anyone in the Southeast or mountain West who are having to deal with the California refugees who, after soiling their own nest with their stupid politics, have moved on to soil others ... we can explain this to you no problem.
But the number of Californians with $500,000-plus annual incomes declined dramatically from 2007 to 2009 as the state's economy stagnated, leaving fewer to tax, the California Taxpayers Association points out in a compilation of data from the Franchise Tax Board.

The latest FTB statistical report covers the 2009 tax year, and Cal-Tax points out that it listed just 98,610 California tax returns with adjusted gross income of $500,000 or more, down nearly a third from the 146,221 in 2007. Data for 2010 are not yet available.

Those 98,610 tax returns were just over a half-percent of the 14.6 million returns filed for 2009, but they accounted for 18.8 percent of the taxable income and 32 percent of the income taxes paid that year.
It ain't just the economy Governor Moonbeam ... the productive are leaving.
Expanding the 2009 sample to the top 1 percent (144,071) drops the cutoff to just under $400,000 a year in adjusted gross income. The one-percenters accounted for 21 percent of the taxable income that year and 35.5 percent of the taxes levied.

At one time, the top 1 percent of California taxpayers accounted for half of the state's income tax revenues but their incomes, tied to stocks and other capital markets, declined the most of any income class and currently, state officials say, they are believed to provide about 37 percent of the state's income taxes. That decline accounts for much, if not most, of the state's revenue declines in recent years.

Those with adjusted gross incomes of $400,000 or more paid $25.7 billion in state income taxes for 2007, but two years later, that had dropped to $12.3 billion. Their taxable incomes had declined from about $278 billion to $156 billion.
What happens when you punish success and reward sloth? With open inter/intra-state borders - the high earners move and the tax eaters mass.

Sad - what a wonderfully blessed state in climate, geography, and natural resources --- destroyed in the span of a generation by the Left.


Hat tip Ed.

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Anonymous said...

Im a republican and won't give up a state in the Union as prosperous as California to anyone. Especially one that has 55 votes every 4 years. Lets wait till it falls and rebuild with no left in mind. Jerry browns running for cover when march 1st and no one gets there returns...be patient :) dont hate on cali or ill bust caps at yo @zz