Monday, February 20, 2012

Skippy, we're talking about this ....

We had a wee conversation with Skippy-san last week that I quickly tired of, as to be frank - this totally contrived non-contraversy has almost left me looking to either retreat to my country acreage to wait out the rioting of the unworthy, or join James Cameron in the undying lands to watch to new Dark Age take hold.

The fact that some are trying to bring this non-issue up at this time in our republic makes me feel at times that this nation is not worthy of the generations of sacrifice that brought us here ... but that is crazy talk. This nation has gone through worse, and in the end all will be well.

The issue is not putting a sheep's bladder on your John Thomas; it is what legacy we leave to our children. This is an economic crisis we cannot fix with a peace treaty or a post-war boom; no, nothing that simple - but we need to fix it sooner more than later.

There is really no place else to go for me; my ancestors were chased here to this last place. This is ground worth standing on. It is a good place to make your stand. It is the last best hope; so I really should quite whining and get to work. Ignore the "church lady will steal your diaphragm" political Dadaists, and try to focus on those who actually can see outside their own short-term interest for solutions.

I'll be here when the music stops, and God willing will have a few decades to tell you, "I told you so. You owe me a beer; again." It isn't that I'm some genius with faith in my powers of reason - you don't need a scientist to tell you that if you stand in a fire ant mound you'll be dancing in about 10-seconds. Our existing and about to get worse economic crisis of debt is about the same - all you need is a basic knowledge of history and a grasp of simple economics; the coming economic meltdown is only a question of time and degree.

No, I just agree with the good analysis of my betters - I no genius for that. Compared to Mark Steyn, I'm a perhaps a subgenius; but naw - perhaps more of a Derbyshirist. Anyway - to quote the Master;
Testifying before Congress, Timmy Geithner referred only to “demographic challenges” — an oblique allusion to the fact that the U.S. economy is about to be terminally clobbered by $100 trillion of entitlement obligations it can never meet. And, as Chart 5-1 on page 58 of the official Obama budget “Analytical Perspectives” makes plain, your feckless, decadent rulers have no plans to do anything about it. Instead, the Democrats shriek, Ooh, Republican prudes who can’t get any action want to shut down your sex life! According to CBO projections, by mid-century mere interest payments on the debt will exceed federal revenues. For purposes of comparison, by 1788 Louis XVI’s government in France was spending a mere 60 percent of revenues on debt service, and we know how that worked out for His Majesty shortly thereafter. Not to worry, says Barry Antoinette. Let them eat condoms.

This is a very curious priority for a dying republic. “Birth control” is accessible, indeed ubiquitous, and, by comparison with anything from a gallon of gas to basic cable, one of the cheapest expenses in the average budget. Not even Rick Santorum, that notorious scourge of the sexually liberated, wishes to restrain the individual right to contraception.
Hat tip K-lo.

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