Thursday, September 29, 2011

Diversity Thursday

Sometimes it is helpful to look outside the Navy's number just to be reminded that the Diversity Commissariat is quite busy - and there are others who are pushing back.

As we seem to want to give everyone their own month to appreciate the glorious importance of (D)iversity - you would think that we would want to recognize and thank, at a minimum, those groups who give the most? Right? Who is doing most of the dying for their nation? Ann Marlowe can tell us;
What about the charge that our Army is disproportionately black? This too is false, as is clear from data for fiscal 2010 available on the Army's website: Whereas blacks comprise 17% of Americans ages 18-39 with high school degrees, they represent only a slightly larger proportion of enlisted soldiers, at 21%.

Meanwhile, whites were significantly overrepresented among enlisted Army personnel in 2010. While 58% of Americans 18-39 years old are white, 64% of the Army's enlisted men and women are. Whites are underrepresented to a minor degree in only one category, in which blacks are overrepresented: Army officers. While 74% of 25-54 year-olds with bachelor's degrees are white, 72% of Army officers are white. While 8% of 25-54 year-olds with B.A.s are black, 13% of Army officers are.

Is it true that with a shaky economy, blacks have been driven to enlist in the Army in dramatically increased numbers? The 2010 numbers say otherwise. While 60% of 18-24 year-olds with a high school degree are white and 17% are black, 64% of new enlistees are white and 19% are black.
Where is EVERYONE's appreciation month? What? They don't appreciate everyone? Actually, the Diversity Bullies don't - but that is a subject just not spoken in polite company.

In any event - whites (an artificial construct that lumps Arabs of Yemen and Sami of Norway in to the same "ethnic" group) shouldn't have their own little patronizing month - and neither should anyone else. It is insulting in the extreme - especially for those who are mixed race.

If we must classify everyone like the AKC does dogs, can't we at least have an "American Appreciation Month" for us/them that really don't have a race and wish to identify themselves as what the world sees us/them as, Americans?

The Diversity Bullies are not really interested in equality, recognition of diversity, or inclusion - no. At their core they are little more than small minded, sectarians who, through their actions, judge people no better than the KKK.

They are either anti-white racists (yes, I wrote that), whites full of ethnic self-hate, or just shameless politicians trying to curry favor by trading their integrity for a few shekels.

Anyone who makes an extra effort to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, or national origin - which is what the Navy's Diversity policy does - is part of the problem, not the solution.

Ann ends strong;
This detachment is the result of a withdrawal of our urban elites from military service. And it suits the interests of many members of the urban elite to believe that the military they do not join is composed of poor, uneducated victims of an unfair society.

The hidden assumption in this myth is that an institution that is heavily black is an inferior institution. The myth of the ghetto Army is as nastily racist as it is false.
... as are all actions that try to break our military - an institution that must have unity to excel in combat - in to sectarian bits for socio-political Cultural Marxist reasons.

To paraphrase; (D)iversity Diktat is as nastily racist as it is false.

Bigots - not my favorite; and another Thursday passes.


LT B said...

Pick your meme sir.  Either the military is overly represented by poor dark skinned people who are uneducated and less than society would like in the gen pop OR we do not have enough brown people and all are equal and wonderful so there is no drop off in quality or capability when we reach out to these poor brown people that are so week on their own they need the help of the gov'munt.


The military is a serious institution that will give you a chance to show your mettle, send you to far off places (some good, some bad), foster an environment where all may succeed if they work hard and find their niche.  Equal Opportunity isn't just a law, but is vital to mission accomplishment WHEN COUPLED WITH A TRUE MERITOCRACY. 

Like MLK, I have a dream.  I keep being told that my dream of an EO Meritocracy is racist. 

Now the USMC is playing as well:
</p><p>Hey Diversi-Nazis, KISS MY WRINKLED STAR!  You are racist, weak, devoid of honor and are sucking the life out of the nation.  Go into therapy and discuss why the fact mom and dad didn't hug you enough has forced you to view the world in such a piss poor manner. </p>

Kristen said...

"If we must classify everyone like the AKC does dogs..." - GREAT line.

Anonymous said...

I liked the AKC line as well.

If you get a chance, check the Zombie's Pajama Media article on the Diversity Bake Sale held by the Young Republicans at UC Berkeley (yes, Stossel did it and so have hundreds of other college Republican groups, but this was in the liberal bastion of Berkeley! And he has video!)

SouthernAP said...


What is sad is that the WSJ, you, and anyone else can show these stats to those of our friends on the progressive side of the asile  and it won't matter that much to them. Why? Because they only accept the truth as it is told to them by those within thier circle. Within the circle the meme and memo states that the Military is a modern form of slavery that actuvely targets the impoverished, the colored and the stupid. If we could only rob more money from the military/industrial complex to pay for more social programs iwth in the US and UN establishment then there wouldn't be a need for a military or defense since we will all live in happiness/peace/harmony siging kumbaya.

I have used some of the same stats numerous times in debates with those that are progressives or left leaning and realized that they don't care about these metrics since it is evidence against thier set ways. Ergo, this evidence needs to be thrown out since it doesn't equal thier ideas on the racism is the norm in the military and the nation.