Thursday, September 22, 2011

Diversity Thursday

You thought the logic twists and terms Annapolis goes through are a train wreck (as well document here in the past - look it up) - it could be worse; you could be Peter Kirsanow.

Coming to an institution of higher learning near you - if not there already.
Staggering racial preferences are in use at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, according to two studies released this week by the Center for Equal Opportunity (CEO).

Black or Hispanic undergraduate applicants are 500 times more likely to be admitted than similarly situated white or Asian applicants. Black law-school applicants are 61 times more likely to be admitted than similarly situated white applicants.
... and how do the Diversity Bullies respond? As it their nature...
CEO president and frequent NRO contributor Roger Clegg was shouted down when he appeared on Wisconsin’s campus for a press conference and debate on CEO’s findings. Scores of students mobbed the press conference, shouting insults and, according to Doubletree Hotel management, knocking hotel staff to the ground. Police had to be summoned.
Of course - they cannot compete with facts ... but they sure can emote like champs!

As we have discussed before - it is all about meeting metrics. Sad thing is - there are secondary effects that have other metrics.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that the University of Wisconsin has one of the highest gaps in black-white graduation rates among 293 public universities studied. This shouldn’t be a surprise. Studies presented to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights show that black law students who are the “beneficiaries” of preferences are two and a half times less likely to graduate than their white comparatives. Not unexpected when the median board scores for black and Hispanic admittees are up to 150 points lower than that for white and Asian admittees.
Most of those who dropped out probably would have done just fine if they were .... wait for it .... accepted in to an institution that they were qualified for.

Remember - most of the Diversity Industry is all about making other people feel good, not having other people call you nasty names, justify a paycheck, or generally to roll around in the intellectual Meth that is the grievance industry - or score points with someone who fits those reasons.

Education, justice, and economic advancement (for students) has nothing to do with it.


LT B said...

Well then, U of Wisconsin is doing it wrong.  If you lower the qualifications for special interest groups to get admitted, then you must lower the standards for passing the course work.  I mean, why hide it?  Then, you can put out less well educated people.  Can't matriculate the right number and right percentages of proper colored people?  No worries, just broadcast that this is a SPECIAL school for SPECIAL INTERESTS.  Then we can wonder why people are under performing in the work force.  Idiocracy is not a comedy, it foreshadows where our society is going.  Good times, good times.

RF said...


e ringer said...

i got into harvard business school despite being white and having a penis, but i think admissions thought i was mormon since i had 3 kids. 

guest said...

Every time Diversity Thursday rolls around, I think "Crap, another week has gone by already?"

The Usual Suspect said...

Just shows what a hollow, vacuous hole the Diversity Industry is when the light of truth is shined upon it...again.  The numbers will be twisted to show the disparity in the graduation rates is directly corrolated to racism in the classroom and the standards will have to be lowered (via LT B's prediction).  Self-licking, self-fulfilling, and self-pleasuring for the Diversity Bullies.  It's got WIN written all over it! I will now go take a shower; I feel dirty.

LT B said...

Getting older, not necessarily better.  :(

Anonymous said...

You can abjure fighting for the declining Empire and instead fight for the re-development of a Euro-American Nation-- or you can kiss stability goodbye.

Perhaps if it fails here, White Civilization will be maintained as more than a curio on the world stage  by a German-Russian axis.

Telling it like it is.

cdrsalamander said...



Ummmm ... like Greece?<span>  </span>Ummmm, NW Turkey? Errrrr, Portugal? <span> </span>Maybe Moldova works for you? Part of a continent that hates itself so much it can't even make enough children to replace themselves?

No, I’ll pass just like my ancestors did over 300 years ago.<span>  </span>I'll keep the title "American" just fine, thanks.

You people are in about the same boat as Louis Farrakhan and his ilk - I don't know if you are more worthy of laughter, contempt or ridicule.

If you like Europe so much - feel free to move there.<span>  </span>I lived there a few years; I'll take it here thank you (though we need to work on our dairy products and beer in the USA).<span>  </span>Feel free to wallow in your self-described “European” ethnic unity between the Flemish and Waloon; they feel it.<span>  </span>Tell the Poles and Germans they are interchangeable.<span>  </span>Tell the Irish you thought they were English because, afterall, “they all look and sound the same to you!”<span>  </span>Then tell a Scott the same thing. To make it even better – remind the Turks that most of they are just a mix Greeks, Armenians, along with Arabs and a scattering of European captives who converted.<span>  </span>When they get uppity at that – just tell them to walk around Istanbul and then the capitals of other Turkic nations; Askabat, Tashkent, Bishkek, and Astana and compare faces.

While you are at it – tell the Slovaks you still don’t understand why they didn’t just stay with the Czechs.<span>  </span>Then head South-Southeast – the Croats that, silly people, don’t they know they are just Serbs that go to a different church and use the Roman vice Russian alphabet.

Yea – go there and wallow in it you clueless a55hat.

My DNA was mostly from that continent - and left for good reason.<span>  </span>They had enough of the political violence, political elitism, religious bigotry, sectarianism, random laws and intellectual oppression. In this age, you can add to your fun with Euro-Socialism and demographic cratering … ummmmm …<span>  </span>no.<span>  </span>The great contributions to global culture by Europeans in the last 150 years, Socialism, Communism, and Fascism.<span>  </span>Yea.

Please leave the USA though, our collective IQ is less by your presence.<span>  </span><span> </span>

Faintfuzzy said...

Well put Sal...c'mon up to the fungus corner for a visit...we have the beer fairly well figured out in Washington (the real Washington, not the 61 square mile hazmat zone) and Oregon, working on the dairy.

Anonymous said...

Your lack of ethnic identification as a Euro-American is precisely what causes the quota enforcement and deracinated fools like you indeed deserve what you get.

As for political violence, the US has existed since 1776 and had a very bloody dose of it, featuring the War of Northern Aggression and an unnecessary intervention in Europe.

As CONSERVATIVE military man Andrew Bacevich points out, and would be reinforced by reading your blog the past decade, American military violence aesthetic indeed is currently out of control.

I'll look forward to your denouncing Rick Perry's virtually treasonous exaltation of Ashekenazi Jewish racism  as outlined by Viet War Vet and Special Forces guy Pat Lang.

Stu said...

I'm not going to agree with everything the individual above wrote, Sal, but if Europe dies, Western civilization will go with it.  Long ago, Europe lost confidence in both itself and the Faith and it now shows.  It is ill-equipped to fight the secular-humanist enemy from within and the enemy from the East. And recognizing this in no way means seeing Europe as one ethinic identity either.  As a Scot, I would never see it that way.  In fact, if the Scots get independence and push away from that EU nonsense, then I will seriously consider going back to the home of my ancestors.  The EU is but man's attempt to unify Europe in "Tower of Babel" fashipn.  But as Hilaire Belloc noted, "The Faith is Europe and Europe is the Faith."  I would recommend his book, "The Crisis of Civilization."  The man was prophetic and the book remains relevant even today.  

And yes, American beer and cheese is terrible.  But hey, we don't appreciate such thing here and send in SWAT teams to persecute dairy farmes who use raw milk.

cdrsalamander said...

I'm sure if I agree with you - you will make sure and promise to shoot me last.  

Southern Air Pirate said...


Your inaccurate reporting of North American History is laughable.  Lets roll back even further in the America's to the time of the Clovis civilization where one of the theories about why they died out was from a competing sect that helped to advance the Folsom tradition of tool making and via the introduction of an unknown disease amongst the Clovis started thier die off in conjuction with the Younger Dryas.  
If that is too far back for you, then lets look at the hate between the Iroquis, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Caygua, Seneca tribes in the Northeast; that was until the Iroquois Confederacy was built late in the 16th century. If you don't like that then how about the fact that the Hopi, Apache, and a slew of other folks in the SW American all had blood hate that makes the Turk vs Amerinia thing look like a kindergraden spat. Or how about the Sioux vs nearly everyone else on the great American Plains? Or even the hatred intra-tribe in a number of tribes. Even the tribes of Hawaiians and other places of the American Polynesians went on raiding parties amongest each others tribes, bring murder and destruction upon themselves. Basically all of the American Indian tribes at one time or another were either prey to a stronger tribe in the region or were the hunters looking for weaker tribes to beat up for thier lunch/milk money.

If all that talk about the Native American tribes is too distrubing for your little red hood to properly filter, then look at history of the North American battlefield of the Seven Years' War, aka French-Indian War part 4. French killing settlers because they spoke English (or having their Indian allies do it); or English soliders killed French Settlers (or having thier Indian allies do it) and both sides killing anyone who didn't speak either language (like some of the poor Spainards Missionaries who started to travel up the Mississippi River).

We also have the Spanish attempts to bred out the local tribes in South West and Floridians that any sort of respectiable Anthropologist or Socialogy doctor believe that most of the tribes we see today in the America Southwest and as far west as California or east as Texas, isn't really the same as the folks who came across the land bridges way back in the days of the ice ages. The Spaniards also were very good at instigating blood fueds between tribes as a way to kill off the weaker tribes in their regions. Letting the superior tribes rise to the top, only to treat those tribes as inferior specices of animals. Then breding out the native strain, the Spanish learned this from thier own overlords (Ottomans) back during the middle ages.

Southern Air Pirate said...

So this nation has had blood fueds going as far back as human civilization was occuring during the days of cro-magnon man. So why not put your little red hood back on and go back to the woods where you came from or back down to the jungles of South American with the rest of your goose-stepping friends hiding out from terrible swift sword of Justice.</cont>

DM05 said...

I look forward to Thursdays, if only to expand the mind and rile the bile.

The Mrs. and I strive to send our kids to good schools, and worked d@mn hard to get through school ourselves. One of chil'run looked at Madison, and liked the campus. Revolting to know the game is rigged against our kids for purely being born [X] Caucasian. I want to thank the diversity industry Nazi's for helping level the playing field through discrimination, attempt to ameliorate race issues from 150+ years ago before my ancestors were here with public funds, and destroy excellence, all in the name of equality. To the "diversity advocates in industry, academia, and DON/Navy, truly, you suck.

LT B said...

And we can look as current as this Sunday when the Redskins of Washington will travel to Dallas and carry on their feud w/ the Cowgirls.  :)   Joy and levity.  That's how I roll.

Grumpy Old Ham said...

Here is a student that UW or USNA should be proud to have as a member of the student body or Brigade.  'Tis a shame he has the wrong plumbing and coloration to make it past the first screening...

Anonymous said...

Stu's outlook on Europe is, of course, correct. Sal's grand America has given the world the levelling dumbed-down runaway greed of Coca-Cola, Hip Hop, McDonald's subculture-and of course the grand "metaphysics" of Comic Book eschatology, wrenching Revelation out of context to promote "Christian Zionist" apocalptic dispensational premillenialism" and help Israel direct Congress to do its bidding.

As for Euro Socialism, I hope Sal has balanced his plaint with at least twenty posts since 2008 deploring the runaway Capitalist deregulation of High Finance in the US which derivatives, CDSwaps, CDOs etc. collapsed the US economy into the intractable Great Recession.
Socialising the bankers losses into bailouts provided by the working class.

cdrsalamander said...

What an interesting museum piece.