Thursday, September 29, 2011

Diversity Thursday II: Electric Boogaloo

Even the Marine Corps is lost. (D)iversity can make even the best of us throw away our brain and smear our good name.
The Marine Corps Recruiting Command continues to answer the call from Gen. James Amos, commandant of the Marine Corps, to build a Marine Corps that reflects “the face of the nation.” Over the course of the past fiscal year, MCRC has recruited its most diverse group of officers in a decade.

“In order to stay relevant with society, the Marine Corps has to look like society,” said Lt. Col. Chester McMillon, head of officer programs, MCRC. “It is especially important among officers in order to maintain credibility with our much more diverse group of enlisted Marines.”
The fun part would be to interview the officer recruiters to see who they were ordered to "operationalize (D)iversity recruiting" - but we've covered that racist activity before. For now though, let's just pick apart the last bit.

By "look" he means the most superficial thing - facial features and skin tone. Even a little deeper than that - it really means what block they check so the metrics match. That is why we have blond haired blue eyed "Hispanics" and predominately Caucasian "African Americans".

Worse than all of the above, LtCol McMillon is in effect saying that the Marine Corps enlisted ranks are flush with Marines who are racist to the core - minority Marines who will only follow orders and perform if they have someone in their Chain of Command that "looks" like them. The secondary implication is, of course, that a Hispanic will respond to a Hispanic officer better than an African American officer or Asian or Caucasian officer and so on if you want to mix your racial groupings. Really? So, show me where in a decade of combat we have any evidence of that?

Not only does that fly in the face of all military history - it is transparent in its cant like quality. Mumbling Party approved language like some mid-20th Century Soviet Political Officer.

I know he is "just following orders" - but Chester; you are insulting your nation, the Marine Corps, your Marines, and your own integrity by spouting those lines .... but you know that already...
UPDATE: I don't know what to say. I am, in a word, beyond gobsmacked if there is such a thing - that word.

Terry reminds me that I need to read Lex every day. If you need any reason more to understand the cancer that is the (D)iversity Cult .... Behold!
A former Marine who was awarded the Medal of Honor bowed out of his quest Tuesday to join the New York City Fire Department after a federal judge denied his request to extend the application deadline for all aspiring firefighters — not just him.

The judge had been willing to grant a 24-hour application extension for Sgt. Dakota Meyer, who saved the lives of 36 people during an ambush in Afghanistan two years ago. Meyer missed the FDNY’s application deadline because he was busy with official Medal of Honor commitments and ceremonies, said Keith Sullivan, his attorney.

But when the city offered to reopen the application process to the public, Brooklyn Judge Nicholas Garaufis refused, saying a brief extension would create a risk of “adverse impact” on minority groups who are under-represented in the ranks of the FDNY. Instead, the judge agreed to grant Meyer a one-day exception because he is “one exceptional individual.”

That didn’t seem fair to Meyer, who charged five times in a Humvee into heavy gunfire in the darkness of an Afghanistan valley to rescue comrades under attack from Taliban insurgents.

“Dakota refuses to compromise his values,” Sullivan said Tuesday. “He said he would like to thank the city of New York and the people who have shown him so much support, but he couldn’t in good conscience take a one-person exception. He will apply for the exam when it’s given again in four years.”
Lex puts it quite well.
So, the city of New York loses out on a chance to add a hero to its ranks. But the risk to diversity, thank God, has been averted.

Hat tip LT B.


DeltaBravo said...

Marines only come in one color...camouflage. 

(doing her best Yogi Berra impersonation and then running to the bunker before URR gets here and detonates things.)

Pogue said...

<span>“In order to stay relevant with society, the Marine Corps has to look like society,”  Uhhh, Colonel, have you looked at society lately?  Do you really want all those self absorbed, morbidly obese video gamers reflected in your ranks?  I thought the Marines were interested in quality...

Cap'n Bill said...

The publicity that goes with CDR SALAMANDER's site should assure that in the not too distant future some USMC General Officer will somehow correct this serious dent in the Corps Honor.

UltimaRatioRegis said...

We gotta stop accessing Hispanics immediately.  And slow WAAYYYYY down on promoting black Marines to NCO/SNCO. 

A couple of years of excluding some of our best qualified from accession and promotion, and the numbers should work. 

Methinks General Amos isn't terribly concerned that "looking like America" is what is keeping us relevant.  BUT....  it seems we have ONE officer billet we could cut if we downsize.  Provided it is not mandated by Miss Mullen, which it probably is. 

Now, do I have to look "like America", too?  If so, I had better stop hitting the gym, get a spider tattoo on my elbow, grow a mullet, gain fifty pounds, and walk around the mall.

cdrsalamander said...

I wish.  I'm still trying to move the needle for Navy ......  :'(

LT B said...

Yes, but I think the young Marine scored a job working for Maxim.  NICE!

jack aubrey said...

someone has to fly the air force's uavs. 

Byron said...

Actually, he would correct you by saying, "MarCam" :)

Adversus Omnes Dissident said...

that needle will not move until CDRSALAMANDER becomes a paid site and promises to hire retired flag officers.  Just ask Lockheed Martin about that.

Adversus Omnes Dissident said...

I'm waiting for someone to start bitching that race x, gender y are "significantly underrepresented amongst the Medal of Honor awardee ranks."

I guess that when the FDNY lost hundreds of their white, male, Irish Catholic firefighters on 9/11, someone had the brilliant idea to "remake the FDNY stronger through diversity."  Yeah...good luck with that one. 

Aubrey said...

I should point out, that is not me above....the are imposter Aubreys!

As for the Corps and Sal's posting, if anyone thinks that Mullen didn't lay down his law years ago you're missing some fries in your Happy Meal.

Follow his lead forget axed, it has been that simple from the get-go.

I just wish some currently serving FOGOs had the balls and honor to take him up on that...

Aubrey said...

Grr..."follow his lead OR get axed"

Stoopid iPad

The Usual Suspect said...

You forgot the tramp stamp;  it's a twofer!

Sean said...

I was always told (and believed...) that Marines are only one color....GREEN.

There may be light green marines or dark green marines....but they are all GREEN.

Sean said...

Novel about we automatically let winners of the MOH be accepted for any govt job that they are interested in applying for?

Seriously, if we are not going to practice blatant (D)iscrimination for winners of the light blue ribbon, why are we bothering with discrimination at all?

Good grief.

Kristen said...

God bless Dakota Meyer for standing by his principles.  He's being a great example for the rest of us all over again.

Former Navy said...

Amen..this young man is certainly a Class Act (if we haven't already figured that out).

UltimaRatioRegis said...

CMC is making required genuflect to the political reality, but has little to no institutional focus on this crap. 

How can you court martial him for following the directives of his seniors (Miss Mullen) and his Commander in Chief?

Grandpa Bluewater said...

The leadership is subject to moments of moral amnesia, alzheimers of the integrity cells so to speak.

Once again, Mr. Meyer takes the point and provides the example.

Too bad he can't be appointed Commandant.

cdrsalamander said...

I appreciate your loyalty - but explain that to the people who were denied the honor to serve simply on the basis of their self-identified ethnicity so the Marine recruiters could meet their metrics.

It is very real to them.

Steel City said...

...and a body piercing(s).  The more of them and the more prominently displayed, the higher your social status in the club.

UltimaRatioRegis said...

Not saying it isn't real, and isn't a damned shame.  But two things about it. 

1) It is not what the USMC is focused on.  Unlike other services, the political haymaking is not foremost on the minds of its senior commanders.  What is mandated gets enough attention to keep the Pentagon off their a**es.  But not much more.  In this environment of mandated racial and gender preferences counter to the 14th Amendment, that may be all one can reasonably hope for.

2) Recruiters have been stuck with those quotas for a very long time.  Decades, in fact.  MOST recruiters know very well how to get who they want and can be pretty inventive to do so.  In the years I was close to the recruiting game, I cannot recall any recruiter having to turn people away because they had "too many white guys". 

Point being, Amos, like Conway and others before him, are stuck with this crap and try to minimize impact.  Get them in a room where nobody can hear them, and they will tell you what horsesh*t it is, no matter the scipt they must read from in public.  Others, like The Mike and Gary Show, proselytized this crap to the exclusion of a whole bunch of other things, including combat readiness.  They were and are true believers.

We have only had ONE Commandant who was a political hack and foisted this stuff upon the Corps to the extent it had significant impact.  That was CC Krulak, who, with his old man Brute, were HUGE Democratic fundraisers.  And Krulak's tenure stuck out like a sore thumb.  At least Brute knew not to have his politics dictate how he served as a Marine Officer.  If only his boy would have followed THAT example.

James said...

Dont forget you have to have no situational awarness, talk on your phone while talking in your "outside voice" oh and forget everything about using maps or just figuring crap out.


No i dont have a GPS. i can read a map or figure it out. So dont tell me to just enter it into the gps and go............ARGH!

/rant off

James said...

HEY as a obese video gamer who does more manual labor, hard work and i like to think shows more sense than any of these pampered self obsorbed gym monkeys or metrosexuals! >:o

Adversus Omnes Dissident said...

Again, where officers have failed to stand up for right, Sgt Meyer rushes to the front.

Watch this young man.  If we as a nation take care of him and do not place too heavy a burden on his shoulders too soon, he will emerge as a natural, national leader.

Scott said...

This is the same crap you hear now and then in public schools.  Students can only learn from teachers who look like them.  There is NO credible research to support this.

pk said...

are you saying that this guy is a fifty point veteran?

and if not why not?


LT B said...

   Why throw leadership a bone when leadership thinks you are the United States Marine Corpse?

UltimaRatioRegis said...

The Leadership that thinks we are the Marine Corpse is our lawfully elected (for the most part) civilian officials. 

Elections have consequences.

Grumpy Old Ham said...

<span>We gotta stop accessing Hispanics immediately.</span>

No problem.  The US Census Bureau is here to help:

"In a twist to notions of race identity, new <span>2010 census</span> figures show an unexpected reason behind a renewed growth in the U.S. white <span>population</span>: more Hispanics listing themselves as white in the once-a-decade government count.

"The shift is due to recent census changes that emphasize "Hispanic" as an ethnicity, not a race. While the U.S. government first made this distinction in 1980, many Latinos continued to use the 'some other race' box to establish a Hispanic identity. In a switch, the 2010 census forms specifically instructed Latinos that Hispanic origins are not races (emphasis mine) and to select a recognized category such as white or black."

Oops.  I think something went wrong here, but I can't quite just my finger on it... =-O