Monday, May 09, 2011

Who is the Socialist again?

As I wait here for the rest of you on the other side of retirement - I though I would leave you with something to ponder as you see our trade deficit expand and other nations seem to be able to produce goods more than we can.

Why don't more USA based companies expand? Why do some move out of the USA? Why do some of those European "socialist" nations seem to have an export based economy and the Arsenal of Democracy can't even
make a pair of jeans - ponder this.

Mindless class warfare will not fix our economy. Set out to eat the rich - and you will starve. Kill corporate profits - and you won't have a job worth squat.

Run your own company - you aren't going to work 80-hrs a week just to feed a leviathan after the 60-hrs are done - and therefor will not hire others.

Still don't get it? I have a suggestion for you. Go to work for yourself so you can see the full impact of taxes and mindless regulation.

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