Friday, May 06, 2011

LCS-2; I&W or just FRI speculation?

From multiple sources amongst the Mayport Underground - some dots out there about LCS-2 that may or may not connect. Fun to think about if nothing else.

This AM there was a notice on the Mayport gate's electronic sign:
Welcome USN IG, ADM (unk); Welcome FFC, ADM Harvey
LCS-2 is at the end of Bravo pier. She was all barricaded up, had two black Suburbans and a lot of security and even a dog team around her.

Was Harvey and the IG aboard? If so, did they find out why LCS-2 has been tied to the pier since early December 2010? She went out TUE and came back WED, so at least she can get underway.

There also was a diving company truck set up by the pier as if they were doing some underwater work.

Maybe all the above is unrelated, probably. Thing is - in the above is enough for a good writer to string a novel together. Pick your plot line.

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