Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AW1, you're going to have a rough preflight .....

... scratch one of very few P-3s.
Dressed in black and armed with AK-47 rifles, grenades and rocket launchers, they crept up to the back wall of Mehran Naval Station in Karachi, keeping clear of security cameras. Then, with just a pair of ladders, they clambered over the wall, cutting through barbed wire at the top, to launch a 17-hour siege that would renew disturbing questions about the Pakistani military's ability to defend sensitive installations, including its nuclear arsenal.
The team, believed to consist of four to six militants, destroyed two U.S.-supplied maritime surveillance aircraft and engaged security forces in hours of pitched firefights. It was not until late Monday afternoon that Pakistani forces regained full control of the facility.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik said 10 Pakistani security personnel were killed and 15 were injured. Four militants died and two were believed to have escaped, he said.
Actually - I am surprised it has taken them this long. I've been red-hat'n these scenarios for almost a decade now - except it was for CONUS bases.

I never figured a team going after P-3s of all things - but you want to go after soft-underbellys and easy targets. Looks like they succeeded.

Is this a test run? With this level of success - I know what my J-3 would say.

Some would say this is time to consider what may happen to Pakistani nuke facilities. Not my bucket of goo - but I would presume they are a bit more difficult.

No, I would concern myself with our bases here.

I think I'll shut up now. No red-hat service for free, or on the interwebs by me.

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