Monday, May 16, 2011

Photo of the month

This was supposed to be published awhile ago, but got stuck in draft. It has been around the web a bit, but I want to put it out anyway.

Those who know my 3-D self know I am a dog nut.
Not just personally - but professionally. I grew up hearing about the triumph and tragedy of war dogs in Vietnam - it is still a great mark of shame on the military the number of dogs we left behind to their fate. Just like Riverine, they too were ignored in peace until they were needed in war. So many lives could have been saved if we used them early on like we did in Vietnam - but such is the state of military history study at the tactical level in the late 20th Century.

Well - we are better than that now, at the tactical level and especially at the cold, wet nose level with the adoption programs, etc.

Via FP - I'll let this speak for itself - or bark. Click
here for the details.

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