Tuesday, August 03, 2010

What he said


Grandpa Bluewater said...

Well, there's the problem that will cost us untold lives.

BZ, Col West.  Got my vote for second black President.

LBG said...

If you haven't seen this:


you need to.  He's AJ squared away!  I would follow him through hell w/ a gas can.  I wonder how he feels about the diversity drivel.

Aubrey said...

Even though I live in Colorado I have been supporting Col West's campaign as this is a man that we absolutely <span>have</span> to have in office.

Salty Gator said...

nice to see Mike Thornton on the video too.  Got a chance to meet him when I was a midshipman standing honor guard for all living MOH winners during the Vice President's Salute to America's Veterans circa 2000 (yes I am dating myself).

My coworkers and I were just discussing LtCol West, and one remarked that him trading his career for the lives of his soldiers was a fairly inexpensive trade.  Considering the posthumous MOH winners we have who made the sacrifice with their lives, I'd have to agree.  But the bottom line is that it is no less honorable, and certainly in keeping with the HIGHEST TRADITIONS of military service.  HOOYAH!

Sparticus said...

Wow, this guy has everything Obama lacks: integrity, intelligence, patriotism, insight, honor, experience, character, American ideals and understanding of genuine sacrifice.

Obama would not give up a golf game, a VIP dinner party, or a chance to look cool on the View for anything of character and honor.

LTC West sacrificed a potential full-bird for his people and that is saying something in the current careerism driven culture.

GBS said...


Kristen said...

What a great commercial!  I wish I could vote for him.  That's a voice that we need in Congress.

ewok40k said...

Great commander. I bet he would be understanding the budget discussion on the defence more than any other congressman - from the tip of the spear.

Anonymous said...


LTCOL West is definitely an impressive individual and would make a fine counterpoint in Congress. Being an Infantry Battalion Commander in combat actually means something.

I am somewhat conflicted about two things: I've seen him give speeches where he gives in to unneccessary demagoguery--it's unbecoming and he doesn't need it to win.

The second thing I'm conflicted about is his judgment during the interrogation in Iraq. Because of my own experience in Iraq, I'm sympathetic to going a little overboard to protect your troops in combat and "tuning up" a couple of suspected insurgents. Obviously, he was a fantastic combat commander and he definitely has integrity, but his actions trouble me. This is war, people are supposed to try to kill you. You don't fix local intelligence problems by firing pistols next to detainee heads.  You adjust. You fix the process. Empower your G-2 or fire him. Train your troops. Making CPLs intel sensors.

But good luck to LTCOL West. Hope Washington doesn't corrupt him.

Uncle Ruckus