Thursday, August 26, 2010

Diversity Thursday

Yes, like all government organizations - even the FAA is under the sway of the Diversity Bullies and their Diversity Industry masters.

They just can't help themselves. They try so hard to hide the fact that there is only one thing they really believe in - the external physical characteristics that helps them show their little Potempkin world. Read the whole thing.

I hope you read that thinly veiled threat. As a former guv'munt middle manager - that came through loud and clear.

Also, did you catch that little internal tell? The story:
Whenever possible, our communications activities should underscore senior management support for diversity within the FAA because diversity of thought, viewpoint, background and experience improves the quality of the ATO's work; and while progress has been made, the ATO still has more work to do.
The reality:
Managers, team leaders, speakers and all employees whose work may affect our diversity outreach are responsible for supporting these efforts to incorporate individual differences (such as. race, sex, disability, age, weight, height, occupation, or discipline) in various media forms.
Yes - even weight.

Like their Communist and Fascist co-intellectuals, they love them visuals!
All business units and offices must ensure that their communications activities, both internal and external, reflect the FAA's strong commitment to diversity and inclusion by including, but are not limited to the following: advertisements; booth and exhibit displays; fact sheets; news articles; photographs; presentations and speeches; publications; reports; videos; and online offerings.

Photographs and videos offer tremendous opportunities to illustrate the diversity and inclusiveness of the FAA's workforce. News articles, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, web pages, videos, audio narrations and other forms of media present additional avenues for reinforcing the FAA's appreciation of and commitment to diversity, as do speaking engagements
and recruiting outreach appearances.
Diversity; fake it till you make it.


Outlaw Mike said...

Okay, but are you guys simply going to roll over and take it? I mean, WHEN will there finally some top brass figures who will speak out loud against this insanity? Isn't it time to stage some kind of coup?

Look at this way.

If US Armed Forces are being attacked in a conventional way, the attack will result in a loss of combat power. The loss may be small if the attack is by an inferior force, or big if the adversary is well equipped/has the element of surprise/has superior numbers, whatever, but normally spoken you sustain losses when attacked. You lose combat power. I have read a lot about the US military and the exceptional types it has produced. Men who were prepared to sacrifice their lives.

Now, this diversity insanity will in time result in a catastrophic loss of combat power.

Thus, I wonder... even though the attack is of a totally different nature; the outcome will be similar. WHERE are those willing to speak out against, yes, counterattack so to say, yes, RISK THEIR CAREER, to stop this insanity???

Is everybody just rolling over and swallowing it???

I mean, Jesus Christ, there's a plethora of islamic lunatics planning terror attacks, there's Iran acquiring nukes as we speak, there's China sending naval units to the Med for Christ's sake...

... and the US Navy's top priority is... DIVERSITY???? HELLO????

LT B said...

   This isn't the Navy.  This is the agency that regulates (mostly) civilian flight in the US.  That's the problem.  This crap is fully imbedded in all aspects of the Federal claimency.  Evidently, the latest economic bill has it deep in there too.  They are trying to encode mediocrity and racist preferences to strengthen voting towards Dems by buying the populace off.  They will sacrifice safety, quality, military readiness and capabilities in order to maintain/further their power.

Outlaw Mike said...

LT B, but it just isn't just this agency. To be clear, I was rather referring to what seems to have become a general mindset. Besides, the CDR's posts are full of references to similar nonsense within the womb of the USN.

LT B said...

No arguement.  It is a virus throughout government, not to exclude the military and maybe first and foremost in the Navy.  I am surprised our NWU are blue and not pink or multi colored (Fresh Prince of Belair's inside out uniform style) to highlight diversity.  Train for excellence then reward excellence.  This should be regardless of race, color and creed.

FbL said...

I think I've mentioned before that my mother works with a 20-something black woman who is constantly pulled into training videos their company produces.  It took this young woman awhile, but she's starting to feel insulted, realizing that they want her just for the color of her skin.

Eagle1 said...

I am available for a small fee to appear in government photos to fulfill the "age" requirement.

I mostly look like Santa in the old Coca Cola ads.

Thus, I can help with the "weight" thing, too.

Yep, a real "twofer."

Just hire me on a daily contract so no fraud involved. ;)

MR T's Haircut said...

WTF!?  Der Kommisar... ?
An official of the Communist Party in charge of political indoctrination and the enforcement of party loyalty.The head of a commissariat in the Soviet Union until 1946.A person who tries to control public opinion.