Monday, March 22, 2010

When Geeks Gaggle

As Allah says ... hmmmmmmm,
A number of Northrop Grumman’s top innovators are being mysteriously replaced without any clues about where they are going. Are they being fired, retired? Don’t you believe it. They are being cloistered to win the next combat aviation prize.

They are the major players in a strategy to capture the next great military aviation program – a very stealthy platform that combines bomber and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. But you’ll find them only if you look very closely. ..... So it appears that Northrop Grumman is moving many of its most experienced, operationally grounded, and most successful advanced technology geeks to create critical mass for both its existing black programs – including, according to multiple sources, a next-generation bomber demonstrator as well as UAVs - and a parallel, semi-white effort to capture the future bomber/ISR prize.


Chap said...

You know I see something like that and have two initial reactions:
--Wow, who was watching this what caught it?
--Boy, wouldn't a place like that be exciting as hell to work at?

Byron said...

Unless it's the shipbuilding division..../snark

Kristen said...

Great catch!  And very cool news. 

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Prowler AMDO, over at Lex's place, was laying out the requirements for a fighter that would actually do the job that we hope the F-35 might be able to do.  Maybe GRUMMAN is gonna build a new Cat for the Navy.  Bring on the Hellcat II.

ewok40k said...

Well, dont salivate.. with money tight for F-22, F-35 pair already, what do you expect? Another major fighter program?

tcoverride said...

Don't you believe it.

Their best & brightest likely make over $200K/year.
They're headed for the Gulch.