Tuesday, March 02, 2010

But Sal, do the alumni really care?

Well, some do. Some, like Francisco Alsina (’97), care enough to go on the record about what is being done to the institution.

Over at USNIBlog there is a guest post that starts,
Recently, the Naval Academy was in the news because of one of its football players. Midshipman Curry is being retained after a positive drug test result for marijuana. Why? Is it because he is a star athlete? According to Chet Gladchuk, director for the Naval Academy Athletic Association, and Ken Niumatalolo, the head coach for the football team, it’s not. Both were rather emphatic in a February 13th newspaper article from The Capital, Annapolis, Maryland’s newspaper, that there is no double standard. I disagree. As an alumni (with a sibling that also attended and graduated) and former company officer, and current sponsor of midshipmen, I am convinced a double standard exists for some.
You need to go there for the rest.


kmadams85 said...

Oh, the alumni care alright, but those who have attempted to communicate their concerns have mostly been ignored.  The Alumni Association "supports the Supe" and the Supe has his mission from his superiors.

AW1 Tim said...

Here is my comment from over there:
If Curry is permitted to graduate and accept a commission, then one day, he may very well be involved in a separation board for some blue shirt. I can well imagine how awkward that will be when the enlisted man requests mast or courts-martial because of unequal treatment under the 14th amendment. Curry gets to stay regardless of Navy Regulations that mandate administrative separation WITHOUT exception, yet some blue shirt will get tossed.
There is already a groundswell of distrust regarding the qualifications and merits of officers due to the Zampolits from Millington ramming illegal diversity quotas down people’s throats. Sailors wonder if those appointed over them are holding rank because they are actually qualified, or because the Diversity Bullies demanded other qualities.
The US Navy has standards, and those should be upheld. I am no longer on active duty, but I am still a taxpayer, and I find the actions of the Naval Academy leadership to be disheartening and unacceptable. Those in charge should lead by example. Those in charge of developing our next generations of Naval Officers have failed in that mission, and ought to resign so that some form of integrity can remain at Annapolis.
I have already sent letters to my Senators, Snowe and Collins, asking them to stand up a commission to investigate these goings-on at the Academy, and to demand answers why double-standards are present, and why, apparently, some applicants are given admission while other, more qualified, are not.
The Naval Academy should have only one requirement for those it accepts: Be the BEST and the BRIGHTEST that we can find. All other considerations should be stripped from the process. If it means Navy has a less-talented football team, then so be it. The mission is to develop and commission officers, not football players.

scuppers said...

As a grad and the father of a Mid, I am severely dissapointed with the Curry decision, and my son reports that when they asked questions from their chain of command, they were told not to question the decisions of the 3 star. They are building a level of cynicism among midshipmen that is usually reserved for far more senior officers.

Mary Alpha said...

Tim - Please let us know if you receive a reply from your representatives.

Anonymous said...

I bet someone just got their orders extended in Pakistan.

AW1 Tim said...

I'd be happy to. I'm not holding my breath waiting for it, but there's always the chance I could get the standard form letter back...  :)

C-dore 14 said...

AW1, That's why I don't write to my congressman anymore.

UltimaRatioRegis said...

<span>AW1 Tim, 
Very well said. Fowler, pliable with his honor as he may be, is merely following Roughead's wishes.  Football talent AND skin color?  We gotta keep this guy. 
Those two Admirals are unindicted co-conspirators in this crime.</span>

Anthony Mirvish said...

Double standards are inherently corrupting, no matter what the rationalization, and whether based on race, gender or athletic ability.  USNA has had a lot of experience with all three types.  It suggests a senior naval leadership that values other things more highly than preparing its officers for war, or one that deep down never expects it will have to fight a competitive enemy, or one so confident in the margin of its superiority that it thinks it can give up some of it without it really costing anything.  History has been very unkind to nations and armed forces that have made those types of assumptions.  And, small concessions have a way of adding up.  This was much the point Jim Webb made 30 years ago about inevitable changes in the service academies' focus.

SNAnonymous said...

The Alumni Association seems to exist in order to raise money for the Academy.  Addressing the concerns of grads on the state of the Academy is on the bottom of its priority list.  I just wish we could get a bunch of grads together to write letters in reply to fundraising efforts that say something to the effect that there will be no donations unless things change.

LT B said...

It is also indicative of senior leadership that are trying to garner political favor at the cost of the Navy's mission, culture and core values.  In short it is cowardice and selfishness.


I am an alumni, and I do care, and have said it many times before.

Time for Fowler to go!  He could walk out right behind his pet he just protected.

Redeye80 said...


Me thinks your answer is in the lack of response.  As a grad, I am disgusted but I also know that the powers to be are immoveable objects.  I believe, they believe they are doing the right thing for the Navy and Naval service.  And they are the smartest men in the room.

They are wrong!  Trying to convince them is like trying to boil the ocean. Sad, so sad.