Thursday, March 04, 2010

Diversity Thursday

The anti-Diversity, pro-diversity quote of the week;
"Step'n is for everybody. If you can Step, you can Step."
On thing that keeps my mostly Navy-centric DivThu posts going is that I can sense that we are on the cusp of something wonderful in this country - the cusp of climbing to a new plateau of race neutrality.

There are a few things getting in the way though. First thing is generational. The Boomers have the power in this nation - and their racial template was set circa 1973; the
Room 222 mindset as I call it now and then.

Starting with the middle range of Gen X and younger, the racial mindset is completely different. Only time will fix that problem.

Another barrier is the Diversity Industry and its
Diversity Bully commissariat. These people, like Al Gore and his carbon offset business, have a paycheck involved in keeping division and sectarianism frothing. They feed it, they need it. Shame, mocking, facts, and constant challenges by those who want progress in race relations - to regression to the 70's will fix that.

One of the hardest barriers to fix - one that will only fade in time as a result of strong cultural leadership and the courage by others to call it what it is - is the grudging acceptance of overt racism by minority groups.

Though they are the majority - you see it in Hawaii against non-Asians. In CONUS though, you have
another example.
After days of controversy over a white group's win in a step competition, sponsor Coca-Cola said Thursday the second-place team will share top honors.

Coca-Cola said in a statement that a review of the scoring from Saturday's national contest revealed a "scoring discrepancy" that it declined to explain. This is the first year of the Sprite Step Off, but step contests are typically dominated by black sororities and fraternities.

Step is a historically black art form of rhythmic stepping and clapping. A YouTube video of the winning performance by a group of Zeta Tau Alphas from the University of Arkansas generated hundreds of comments, some of them inflammatory.

Coca-Cola said Thursday the Alpha Kappa Alpha team from Indiana University, whose members are black, would share first place and would also receive the same $100,000 in scholarships that the Zeta Tau Alphas won.

"Because the scoring discrepancy cannot be resolved and due to the extremely narrow margin between the first and second place winning sororities," the company decided to declare co-winners, the company statement says.
If the races were switched and the competition was clogg'n - would there be a problem here?

Yes there would. But you see, we are still immature when it comes to being race-blind, as many in power still believe that some people are more equal than others. Certain arts belong to certain DNA groups. This kind of attitude will only be stopped until it is called what it is - racist.

Here is where there is hope. I want you to watch the below. The vast majority of the audience gets it - as does the Emcee. Watch to the end.

The loud and obnoxious retrogrades who have trouble moving closer to a color blind society got their pound of flesh from the spineless "everyone get a trophy, just don't call me a nasty name" people at Coke. Who needs Coke anyway? Everyone should be drinking RC Cola - or for my Maine contingent Moxie - anyway.

However .... I will call this a victory for those who want to get rid of the Diversity Industry and their cancerous ideology. This is an obvious case of racial bullying where the objective opinion was thwarted by a minority of closed minded bigots who can't see beyond DNA.

Good. It is in the public and cannot be defended openly in any logical manner. In the long run - that is good. Keep pushing, clogg'n and if need, step'n. It may take another generation, but we're getting there.


Byron said...

Not all of us Boomers are like that, Phib, most certainly not myself. Those of us who had to work with our hands for a living never were. Sure, we might (and did) smoke dope. Sure, we were all about the "free love" thing, but that was mostly hormones, and we quickly outgrew it. For myself, even when I was a dope smoking long haird hippy, I was STILL a Republican and proved it by voting for Nixon in 72 ;)

AW1 Tim said...


   Same here. You would've loved the look on the Sergeant Major's face at the University when I walked in to apply for ROTC. I had a beard, hair over my shoulders and a nice pair of John-Lennon glasses. He absolutely thought I was kidding him. :)

DeltaBravo said...

Watching that made me genuinely sad.  Those girls put an unbelievable amount of time, obviously, into choreographing and innovating and practicing that routine.  It was marvelous.  Now they have learned that it doesn't matter how hard you work, if you don't check a diversity block in someone else's head, you don't get the reward for your efforts.  A good lesson for the post-college work world where even white women have trouble with diversity now, but still...  unfortunate.  (Dr. Pepper is where it's at, BTW.)

AW1 Tim said...


   I was raised on RC Cola and Moon Pies. Mother bought RC Cola because Art Linkletter used to do ads for it. I always know when I'm in the South because the rest stop vending machines have Goo-Goo clusters, Vienna Sausages and Moon Pies. :)

   And yes,  Moxie is quite a treat!

AW1 Tim said...

I guess what bothers me most about this story is that it proves the Diversity Industry is still in business. Aren't we way passed the whole "Something hyphen American" stage as a society?  Why are we still "celebrating" ethnic culture? Isn't it time to embrace black culture, white culture, asian culture and refer to it as "American Culture"? Dance is dance. Art is art. Music is music. ALL Americans ought to be able to enjoy and participate in it.

   Coca-Cola took a GIANT step backward with this decision, and showed what idiots they are. The white team has learned a lesson, though, that if you don't have certain ethnic boxes checked in this society, then you will never win, no matter how good you are. The black team also learned a lesson: Pandering to latent racism by Corporate America is still alive and well.

  An excellent statement about Coke's cowardly action would be if BOTH teams returned their prizes and said "No Thanks". It won't happen, but it would be a great way to put Coca-Cola in it's place.

AW1 Tim said...

 I see I copied some of what you said! Great minds, I guess... or else the response was so obvious that someone as slow as me can also come up with it...  :)

Barry said...

I am in the HR side of business (Recruiter) and I have been asking for years, "if Diversity makes us stronger, better, brighter, quicker, whatever, where are the metrics?".  We measure everything else in our society but the Diversity Mavens can't seem to show that what they claim for diversity is valid.
There is one study (from Harvard of all places) that shows negative effects from diversity.  It would be interesting to see additional work done in the area, but it is too toxic from a PC stand point. I think.

XBradTC said...

Amen, brother.

Where is the benefit? Everyone says it is a strength, but no one shows what that strength is? 

It's merely a set of emporer's clothes.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

As far as I can tell, they stopped making Coca Cola in 1979, when they switched from cane sugar to corn syrup. The stuff just hasn't tasted right since then. 

 Both Coke and Pepsi are citrus based, Coke is lime based, and Pepsi orange. If you go to a real soda fountain, one that uses syrups made with cane sugar, and order a lime Diet Coke, it will, if made right, taste like real Coca Cola, as you get the taste of the cane sugar, and just a little more lime flavor. Good Soda, as Andy Griffith would say.

RC does make some fantastic fruit flavored sodas, though, thier Raspberry Diet Rite carries the Badger Approved Seal.

DeltaBravo said...

Very good, Barry.  Now stop asking inconvenient questions.  Troublemaker!

Kevin said...

Keep an eye out for Passover Coke.  It's extra Kosher, which means sugar cane and comes in 2 L bottles with yellow caps.  Or get mexican coke @ costco.  In real glass bottles.

Quartermaster said...

I wonder how long it took him to recover :)

Quartermaster said...

Diet Rite has the Dachsund seal of disapproval, however. >:o

Quartermaster said...

<span>the cusp of climbing to a new plateau of race neutrality."</span>

I'd be willing to bet against you on thsi one 'Phib. There's too much money in the "diversity" racket to give it up easily.

Byron said...

Since we're thread-jacking, I'll pass on this bit of advice: I drink two cups of coffee a day. I drink water. Period. Dot.

Thirty years ago when my mother was a nurse on the urology ward, the top uro guy in town told her how the stuff that makes the soda fizz acretes in the kidneys turning into kidney stones. He said Coca Cola was his best customer.

I don't drink a lot of beer, either :)

Anonymous said...

CNN picked up the story.

Anonymous said...

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