Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pick your rate -- pick your fate

AT1 reminded me that not a lot of talk is going on about the change in Sea-Shore Rotation.

So, why not? Read the message here, and a lot of the background can be found here.

It is hard to cut your way through the gobbledegook, but there are good folks here trying to do something better, so we should give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I will say this, all the NC, CMDCM, and XO types out there better be on their A-game with their EDVR as they move towards their deployment date as the new times kick in. If the right people in your UIC are not on a friendly first-name basis with the folks in Millington, fire them. No time to lose 75% of your quality Sailors the quarter before deployment. 1QFY10 is already here in the manpower world.

Another thing. Who decided to put Surface Nukes in charge of Manpower?

You can see the full brief at the links above.

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